May 2021
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On the Shelves: May

Tips from the Peregrine Bookstore Staff

Slow Horses by Mick Herron

A modern spy novel in which all the spies are screw-ups and misfits who haven't yet given up hope of being actual spies. The Slow Horses, as they are collectively known, have all done something to shunt them out of MI-5 proper and been left to gather dust. Slow Horses has a classic twisty storyline with plenty of backstabbing, conspiracies and doublecrossing, and introduces readers to a cast of witty, mismatched characters. I read it in one day and immediately started the next book. — Susannah

Filthy Beasts by Kirkland Hamill

Candid, authentic and heart-centered, Filthy Beasts made me laugh out loud and weep in public. An important book about alcoholism, coming out, and seeing oneself as part of a family system and also as an individual, who must draw boundaries and make hard choices. Hamill won me over completely. — Michaela

Leonora in the Morning Light by Michaela Carter

The painter and writer Leonora Carrington lends herself to a captivating story, as part of the surrealist circle of creatives in Paris at the onset of WWII, in a romantic relationship with Max Ernst, and as a mind living in the twilight of sanity and insanity. Michaela Carter has done more than write historical fiction at its very best, giving us a meticulously researched, nuanced, and well rendered portrait of a powerful woman. Leonora In the Morning Light is a passionately written love story about artists that shows intimate truths beyond the weight of history and war. Carter's admiration for Carrington is prominent, yet she does not glamorize her complicated mind and tumultuous life. I was utterly swept away by the story, the writing, and the people, and I couldn't recommend it more. —Maria

The Last Book On The Left by Ben Kissel,Marcus Parks and Henry Zabrowski

Serial killers, you just love to hate them. The people behind Last Podcast on the Left present a deep dive into the worlds of nine of the most dangerous serial killers to date, with sophisticated and sometimes crude humor to match. Enter the Crypt, and pray the BTK killer isn't in your closet tonight! — Aaron

Songs of a Dead Dreamer by Thomas Ligotti

A collection of horror short-stories that would make Lovecraft and Stephen King blush with immutable envy. — Jose

Tips from the Peregrine Bookstore Staff