YC Updates Film and Media Arts Program

by Helen Haxton-Stephenson

You know that media consumption across the globe has exploded. The need for content has never been greater. Yavapai College understands that too, and as the need for media creation continues to expand beyond the field of feature-film production, we have expanded as well.

Over the last several months we’ve huddled with our amazing advisory committee, consisting of people who work in the industry and our instructors, did the research and watched industry trends. The result is an updated Film and Media Production certificate and a new Writing for the Screen certificate.

Our Film and Media Production program will still offer industry-standard equipment, editing software and instructors who know the craft. To this we’ve added classes to give students an edge in the job market, skills that help them create client-based video, and direction in setting up their own production companies.

While producing narrative films is still a part of the program, the updated certificate recognizes that businesses of all sizes need content for their websites, commercials, training, and social media, and they need it done professionally. If a business releases polished and professional content, it reflects well on that company as a whole. Creating content for businesses is a way for students and new graduates to practice their craft, and earn while doing so.

Film and Media Production Certificate

FMA 100 - Animation Principles

FMA 113 - Stop-Motion Animation

FMA 117 – Cinematography

FMA 102 - Production I

FMA 103 - Screenwriting I

FMA 105 - Production II

FMA 107 - Post-Production

FMA 110 - Pre-Production

FMA 116 - The Business of Content-Creation

FMA 134 - Immersive Transmedia Storytelling

FMA 138 - Motion Graphics

FMA 139 - Fundamentals of Video Editing (Fall and Spring semesters)

THR 161 - Sound Design for Stage and Media

Storytelling is still at the core of the Film and Media Arts program. Whether creating content to be shared by a business or nonprofit, or creating a documentary or narrative, story is the foundation. What core message needs to get out to the public? What is the story you want to tell? How can you tell it consistently across all of today’s media-consumption platforms and those yet to come?

Many successful businesses practice “immersive, transmedia” storytelling. This type of marketing/storytelling starts with a core story and tells it across multiple channels. Think Disney: A single story goes into creating a movie, a toy, books, games, video games, virtual reality and yes, even a theme park.

Both the FMA Production and Writing for the Screen certificates have been reimagined to reflect the immersive, transmedia world we now live in. Think podcasts, virtual reality, video games. We have also added Citizen Journalism for students who want to explore the ever-burgeoning world of individually created news stories, which are another take on storytelling across platforms.

Writing for the Screen Certificate:

FMA 103 - Screenwriting I

FMA 104 - Podcasts

FMA 121 - Screenwriting II

FMA 131 - Characters, Conflicts and Story

FMA 132 - Citizen Journalism

FMA 133 - Introduction to Media and Cinema

FMA 134 - Immersive Transmedia Storytelling

FMA 135 - Writing for Games and VR

This is a one-year certificate. All the Writing for the Screen classes can be taken online.

We work to schedule the Film and Media Production Certificate to two days per week, giving flexibility for our students who work.

Financial aid is available. These are Career and Technical Education certificates, so may qualify for additional scholarships.

Got a film or video you’re proud of? 5enses celebrates local art and artists, so let us know about it! — Editor

Helen Haxton-Stephenson is the Director of the Yavapai College Film and Media Arts program.

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