Two poems by RW Wise

Poetry with Kennan King

RW Wise was born in Belfast, Northern Ireland in 1956. A creative personality with a flair for the dramatic, he was quickly drawn to the written word, both as a creator and consumer. After his education at Oxford he moved to the US for a change of scene, eventually finding his way to Prescott, where he quickly fell in love with the Southwest. A successful career in public relations allowed him to continually hone his communication skills, while poetry became, and continues to be, a favorite hobby. He currently resides in the piney hills of Prescott with his wife Susan, their dog Lewis and cat Clive.


I'll say it as I saw the event,

Coolly dripping the stars

Shone above in the advent

Of ribbons passing Mars.

They danced away hastened,

Perhaps by shy reserve,

Though in presence brazen, Somehow retained their nerve.

I'll tell you how I see it,

For glass orbs still reflect,

The mirror of heaven's pit,

As my eyes and sky connect.

Failing is Human

Failing is human,

So they say.

It's natural,

Bound to happen.

A scraped knee,

A C on a quiz.

Part of life,

Simply reality.

Empty bank accounts,

Extinguished love.



That's how it feels,

In the moment.

Failure is temporary,

Unless it isn't.

It depends on how

Lonely you are.

Poetry curator Kennan King is a student at Grand Canyon University currently pursuing a Bachelors degree in Communications with the hope of working in public relations.

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