Radio Theatre in the Time of Covid

by Scott Young

Actors love challenges, and that’s exactly what married actors Heidi Hampton and Geoff Moore got when they accepted roles in the new weekly radio drama Secrets of Harridge House.

The first challenge they faced was living in Arizona and starring in a show that’s produced in northern Nevada. Thanks to Covid-19, producers Jeff Basa and Joe Bly have had to think outside the box to feature a large cast without bringing the actors together into a studio setting. A popular podcast app makes it possible to record the actors in their homes at broadcast quality, so they can use actors all over the country.

A member of the Prescott arts and theatre communities for four years, Hampton plays the family matriarch, Sandra Harridge, a manipulative woman with many secrets. “Sandra is a bit of a mystery to me …. I find out something new about her with each script, and she’s very unpredictable,” says Hampton. Moore plays Deputy Ben Lawson, and the show takes place in a creepy, crumbling house in the fictional town of Harridge, Nevada. Hampton also serves as one of the series directors.

“Directing radio is a lot different from directing a stage production,” Hampton explains. “In radio it’s all about the voice. There are no visuals, so the actors must conjure up images in the listener’s mind with just their voices and the words they’re given by the writers.” The cast of Secrets of Harridge House varies between episodes, with as few as eight in one episode and as many as 17 in the first-season finale. “The cast is a joy to work with. I’m surrounded by so many talented people, or should I say voices?” Her distinctive laugh rings with amusement.

Before moving to Arizona, Hampton and Moore were active in local theatre in Carson City, where

they starred in A Tuna Christmas, Bus Stop, Thieves’ Carnival and Spamalot. Hampton is best known for

directing, producing and acting in the annual presentation of Eve Ensler’s acclaimed The Vagina Monologues. She also has several film credits, working with Harridge House creator Scott Young on many of his short films, including the award-winning No Peas for the Weary, which swept through film festivals in 2016-2017.

Secrets of Harridge House is a production of KNVC and Proscenium Players in Carson City. The series premiered on October 30, and new episodes air in northern Nevada on Fridays at 8pm, with simulcast streaming through the KNVC website. For more, visit or

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