On the Shelves: October

Book Tips from the Peregrine Book Co. Staff

Half-Earth: Our Planet's Fight for Life

by Edward O. Wilson

Wilson is one of the true giants of our time, who somehow manages to always find a path forward. This is one of the only books in print to suggest a real, ecologically-based solution to the global environmental crisis! —Ty

The Waves

by Virginia Woolf

I recommend anything by Woolf, but on the top of my list are The Waves, To the Lighthouse, Mrs. Dalloway, Orlando, In Between the Acts, and her diaries. I love to spend time with her gorgeous mind — hyper-rational, yet poetical. Her self-insight is pitiless and piercing, but never falsely modest (something I loathe), which often makes her unintentionally funny (something I love). I'd read her grocery lists. —Maria

Lovecraft Country

by Matt Ruff

A creative and satisfying take on the genre, made all the more terrifying by the grim reality of American racism. Required reading for any and all fans of cosmic horror. — Jasper

Uprooted: A Novel

by Naomi Novik

Wonderful and amazing! Naomi Novik combines folklore and fairytales into a completely original and entrancing story. — Sienna

Kindred (Paperback)

by Octavia E. Butler

Inexplicably yanked back in time to Maryland in 1815 from her comfortable home in 1976 Cali, Dana must save a young slave master from himself, at great risk to herself. It's amazing to me that this story, written in the '70s, still feels fresh and relevant today. I immediately went on to read all Butler's other works. — Susannah

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