On the Shelves: July

Book Tips from the Peregrine Book Co. Staff

The Way of the Househusband, Vol. 1

by Kousuke Oono

This tale of an infamous yakuza boss retiring to support his business-executive wife is funny, relatable, and full of lessons about modern masculinity. — Jasper

Time Travel: A History

by James Gleick

Can one go back in time and prevent one’s own birth? Does time travel create “forks” in the universe with alternate events? If you want to bend your mind into a pretzel, this is the book that will do it. — Susan

Hieronymus Bosch, the Complete Works

by Stefan Fischer

At the risk of distracting one's own interpretation of Bosch's work with my own analysis, I will instead implore you to pick up this book and marvel at the beautiful, small, surreal stories going on in each painting. — Josef

A Visit from the Goon Squad

by Jennifer Egan

Powerful, emotionally riveting linked short stories that spiral through the music scene. Highly recommended! — Michaela

City on Fire

by Garth Risk Hallberg

This novel, Hallberg’s first, is stellar. I marveled in the beauty of his sentences, fell in love with his characters, and didn’t want it to end. Well worth the commitment! —Ty

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