Day of Peace at Ken Lindley Field

A Christian, Jew and Muslim show up at a park …

That sounds like the lead-in to a cheesy joke, but if all goes as planned, that’s exactly what will happen on Sunday, September 20. Unity of Prescott will host an International Day of Peace event at Ken Lindley Field, where representatives of these Abrahamic faiths will have an opportunity to walk their talk.

While each faith recognizes Abraham as its patriarch and encourages the practice of variations on the Golden Rule, many devotees seem to have forgotten that they are part of an extended family. Sadly, this spiritual and familial relationship has only eroded over time.

Established by unanimous resolution of the United Nations in 1981, the International Day of Peace (aka Peace Day) is observed annually around the world as a day devoted to “commemorating and strengthening the ideals of peace both within and among all nations and peoples,” and promoting the ideals of peace by observing 24 hours of cease-fire in conflict zones and nonviolence everywhere.

The theme for the 2020 event is Shaping Peace Together. From the UN website: “This year, it has been clearer than ever that we are not each other’s enemies. Rather, our common enemy is a tireless virus that threatens our health, security and very way of life. Covid-19 has thrown our world into turmoil and forcibly reminded us that what happens in one part of the planet can impact people everywhere.”

Local event features labyrinth walk

Beginning on Rosh Hashanah in 1997, an unconventional peace-building program has been presented annually throughout North America.

This year's presentation will again coincide with the culmination of Rosh Hashanah, the Jewish commemoration of the creation of the world. Unity of Prescott is inviting everyone to join in celebration of the International Day of Peace and contribute to creating a peaceful local community.

While not Jewish from a faith perspective, the Paths to Peace program is commonly associated with the Star of David. While this symbol is featured prominently in the hexagram design, representations of the Christian and Islamic faiths are incorporated as well.

On this occasion, Unity invites you to experience inner peace through a contemplative labyrinth walk. The esteemed psychiatrist CG Jung believed that the hexagram represents union between the personal and impersonal realms. Once achieved, this union helps maintain balance during periods of stress and uncertainty.

The organizers look forward to that local rabbi, imam and minister showing up at the park and walking peacefully together, along with you — socially distanced, of course!

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