A Review of 2020 for My Father

by John Duncan, Publisher

Dear Dad,

It’s been a year since your passing, and I sit here missing you every day. Your wit, smile, and encouragement are a great loss to my world. I hear your voice every time I feel down and am in the dark places, telling me to get up, keep going, and try again.

A lot has happened in a year. Where to start?

They finally stopped the Australian forest fires after they wiped out about half of the wildlife in Australia. Congress impeached Trump, but failed in the Senate. Those two things ought to be enough, but wait,

there’s more.

The world received a blow of epic proportions with a pandemic reaching around the globe, a new virus, never before seen. It’s left more than a million dead so far. Governments shut down businesses, and even sports! The Olympic Games were canceled. In the US it became a political battlefield instead of a public-health emergency. Now even the president has been hospitalized with it.

Mom and the family are okay, everyone is healthy and well. They all really miss you. My goodbye greeting has become , "Stay healthy and well." Because of the pandemic, most of the kids are doing school at home with teleteaching. That’s like telemedicine, but with teachers and students rather than doctors and patients.

But I’m not done with the year yet. We are in a pandemic, plus we have protests for Black Lives Matter, and Blue Lives Matter, and Anti-Maskers in all 50 states and most major cities in America and even around the world. The protests led to riots, leading to a conversation about where everyone wants to see America going in the future. Did I mention that it’s an election year? I know, you knew that. We were both looking forward to debating, as we do, on who to vote for. It would get so heated that we would call each other horrible names, but still sit within six feet of each other, knowing we could never live without each other's love. Yeah, I know, you were right: it was Biden who went up against Trump.

But wait, there's still more: the wildfires! Yes, we started with them and over the past six months we’ve had them in the US from California to Colorado. In Prescott you could see haze and smoke in the air from the west coast. It made the sun turn a copper color at sunset. It was so beautiful. Too bad it was because of climate change, and it would have to start another debate.

Change of subject: Mom, the love of your life, is well and wearing a mask. She is planning her future. Because most of the world is shut off from the US (we have the most deaths per capita), she had to cancel her trips to visit family. So she cleaned the house. She doesn't say it much, but she really misses you. I can tell.

RBG passed away, so now we will see whether the Supreme Court will overturn Roe v.Wade. I know how you felt about this, and we ended that debate before your passing, choosing to agree to disagree.

Business is going well. I am mailing out the magazine and doing a webcast for it too, which is, as you would say, making lemonade out of lemons.

Mom just got home after setting a stone at your grave with Aunt B. I’m about to go set my own there.

God, I miss you. The world is a mess without you — which in our case is saying a lot, lol. I will take any day debating with you over this world we live in now. But, again, your voice is saying, "Look at the whole board, see the solution."

I mean, if anyone knew how to make it through this mess of a world, it was you. Seeing how you kept going for 25 years in a wheelchair and always saw "Always Look on the Bright Side of Life, <whistle>" as a way to live, and not just a battle cry. That is a great thing to have learned from you.

I love you, Dad, and until I see you again I will miss you every day. — John

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