5enses LaUnches Podcast

At one point, I had a thought: “Wouldn’t it be cool to have your own traveling show, experiencing different cultures and perspectives?”

I’ve been living in Prescott for about ten years, as an educator and creator of short films. In my adult life I spend my free time traveling around the world gaining inspiration by interacting with different cultures and people. It’s these experiences that inspire the majority of film ideas and insights. I realized that I didn’t have to leave Yavapai County to experience different cultures and hear new perspectives.

Everyone’s perspective makes our society diverse and beautiful. I heard a Holocaust survivor once say, “What makes life worth living is relationships with other people. We have one opportunity to help each other out. People are people no matter how they decide to show up in the world.” I want to contribute to this community as I grow. One way is to facilitate the narratives and perspectives of our guests from the community, while making it entertaining for our audience. I’ll be your host for the 5enses Podcast. I’m so excited about this project! The podcast will contain additional content to complement the monthly 5enses Magazine. This year marks the first anniversary of 5enses under the direction of publisher John Duncan, and I believe in the overall vision of John and the staff. I admire their passion and willingness to get people’s voices out there.

We’re going to start off slow and build the vision through our process. We’ve spent the past few months intentionally organizing that vision. With this podcast we are creating another foundation for sharing knowledge within our community. I’m looking forward to sitting down with fellow community members to share their perspectives, insights and personal stories. I look forward to sharing conversations with you all.

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