Out to Lunch

Short Film by Mikki Russ

Mikki Russ is the director of the short film "Out to

Lunch" which was filmed in Prescott, Arizona.  She stops by the podcast to discuss her inspiration and experience of writing, directing and producing "Out to Lunch".

Starring Toni Tennille, Julie Cargill, and Trisha Tracy, “Out To Lunch” opens in a quaint restaurant where the two main characters discuss their lives, dead husbands and the couple seated next to them. Gloria and Lillian are lifelong friends in their seventies. When the young server engages her customers, we are all left to wonder if ‘Feminism’ is the new “F-Word”. Exploring themes of the female bond, experience, and life-challenges, “Out To Lunch” rallies. The film spans age groups and ideologies with humor and tenderness. Written & Directed by: Mikki Russ Cinematography/editor: Robert Zinni