Lucy Hancock Mason

by Lesley Aine McKeown

"Political service requires you step outside yourself and have the courage to do what is right, and commit to respecting those you serve.”

Lucy has been dedicated to public service for Prescott and Arizona since she arrived in the city. Like many successful leaders, her story starts with family.

Brigham Young sent the Hancock family from Utah to northern Arizona, and they settled in the White Mountains. At about the same time the other side of her family, the Hopens, fled the law in Missouri to homestead in Willcox, eventually becoming successful cattlemen with several ranches around the state. On one of those ranches near Show Low, Lucy’s great-grandfather met her great-grandmother. Her mother’s siblings eventually moved to the Valley of the Sun and founded a house-building dynasty, including Cavalier Homes and Hancock Homes.

Following a stint as an entrepreneurial single mom in Lake Tahoe creating several small businesses, Lucy married Rex Mason and moved to Houston, where she developed a successful career as a graphic artist, with projects including space scenes for NASA. But her roots in Arizona ran deep, and in 1994 they returned to Arizona.

Not long after landing in Prescott, she noticed graffiti in an alley and thought, “not in my town!” It motivated her to get involved as a member of the Prescott Gang Prevention Task Force, which she eventually chaired. Through the group she met Ron Barnes, who encouraged her to enter the Prescott Area Leadership program. This gave her enormous insight into what it means to be a public servant, and groomed her to be a confident, insightful leader. Soon after she was asked to run for Prescott City Council, on which she served from 1997 to 2001.

During this time she was urged to run to represent District 1 in the Arizona House. On her second run in 2002 she was elected, serving two four-year terms. She quickly rose to chair the first House Energy and Water Committee, and authored over 50 bills signed into law by two governors on a range of issues, including education reform, economic development, energy, water, cities and towns, hospitals and transportation.

Reflecting back, Lucy cites the example set by her grandmother, Ella Clarsen, a teacher, rancher and Professional Women's Club president, in molding her dedication and courage. “Her example imparted a sense of humor and tenacity that was invaluable to me” says Lucy, “She taught me that it was not about me, it was about public service. ... Political service requires you step outside yourself and have the courage to do what is right, and commit to respecting those you serve.”

Well known for her work on water conservancy and renewable energy, she was able to take her passion for those causes and put them to work as executive director of the Arizona Solar Energy Industries Association, where she worked closely with the solar industry and public service companies to grow Arizona’s renewable-energy industry.

Today Lucy continues to serve the community as executive director of the Adult Center of Prescott, bringing her years of leadership, experience and creativity to one of the city’s cherished public institutions.

Adult Center of Prescott  -  It is the mission of the Adult Center of Prescott, Inc. to provide enrichment opportunities & facilities for social interaction, recreation, education, health information and entertainment to the adult population of the greater Prescott area. For more information about the Adult Center of Prescott visit: https://www.adultcenterofprescott.org/