5enses Podcast

Harry Kroner - Hypnotherapist

Hypnotherapist Harry Kroner discusses the importance of mental health, the impacts of physical distancing, and provides strategies of how to cope

with "the new normal".

Freedom From Anxiety: A Deeper Approach to Healing. Available Here


This book explores the four phases in the holistic process of freeing yourself from anxiety:

• Understanding the nature of anxiety.

• Shifting the body, heart, mind, and soul.

• Reclaiming your power.

• Developing a new sense of self.

This book is based on author Harry Kroner's work with hundreds of clients suffering from anxiety, fear, and phobia. Explaining his unique and effective approach to healing anxiety from its core. Treating the person in a more comprehensive way, addressing the body, mind, heart, and soul. It is time to stop treating just the symptoms and heal from the inside out.

Website: https://harrykroner.com/