February 2021
Supporting One Another Through Covid
GYCC offers quarantine supplies

“My Covid test just came back positive.”

Many of us have found ourselves saying this. The diagnosis itself can be scary, but the challenge of getting the support you need only adds to the stress. If your symptoms are mild, your doctor may have asked you to quarantine at home. Do you have what you need to do that?

Molly Friebott and her team at the nonprofit Greater Yavapai County Coalition (GYCC) work to ensure people can get the supplies and information necessary to best deal with a difficult situation.

Friebott said that GYCC started this “because so many are feeling alone, scared, and don’t know what to do (when they get Covid). We’re helping people track their oxygen levels and temperature, and we encourage people to work with their doctors as needed.”

GYCC began by making a list of recommended supplies for someone who is Covidpositive, has mild symptoms and must quarantine at home. This includes an oximeter to track blood oxygen levels, a thermometer, sports drinks for hydration, cough suppressant, over-the-counter pain meds, disposable gloves, granola bars, and more. Each box includes about $70 worth of supplies.

A doctor can use the information from the oximeter and thermometer to provide better support, and the other supplies can help manage symptoms.

Friebott and her team are very conscious about not depleting our local stores. This sometimes makes it challenging to find supplies in the needed quantities, and they turn to online sources to meet those needs. GYCC receives urgent requests daily from community members with moderate Covid symptoms who are being asked to quarantine at home to avoid overflowing hospitals. At this writing around two dozen boxes have been delivered.

Various organizations are assisting with generous donations. AARP Arizona, the Granite Peak Unitarian Universalist congregation, the Odd Fellows club and Fidelity Charitable have all stepped up to help, as have many private donors.

Donations are always appreciated. Monetary donations can be made at the GYCC website az-gycc.org (look for the donation button); for donations of goods or services, email GYCC at gyccinfo@gmail.com

Friebott and her team welcome help of all kinds, including homemade cards with encouragement and support or food items such as homemade cookies. “A lot of these people are feeling so isolated, and having something comforting in the boxes is nice for them,” Friebott said.

Covid spreads easily among the homeless, so GYCC is hoping to have backpacks for them instead of boxes, full of the same items and easier to carry. They are hoping for donations of blankets for these backpacks too, given the cold winter nights.

Right now the boxes are being delivered for distribution through Big Brothers Big Sisters, Prescott Area Shelter Services and local doctors’ offices. As the need expands, GYCC hopes to facilitate other organizations in making and distributing their own boxes.

Finding out you have Covid may be scary, but with the help of GYCC and your doctor, you are not alone.

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