August 2021
Say It the Way You Want
Madshirtz Offers Personal Expression on a Wide Range of Products

Adding a bit of flair to an outfit can be a challenge. As individuals we can often hope to add a little of ourselves to our attire, while the market only offers so much. Business owners and nonprofits have precise preferences for how they want to represent themselves, and event planners work to accurately depict the experiences they offer.

Many other fields and desires lead to the desire for a piece that reflects one’s personal vision. In those instances we can turn to Madshirtz, just a bit west of downtown, where customization is at your fingertips. From screen-printed clothing to stickers and more, the shop’s team can add personality to many wearables.

In recent months the business has been expanding, creating a showroom to display its many specialties that opened on July 21. Its ‘Digital Alchemist,’ aka shop Manager Erin McManus, is excited about the new room’s showcase for the team’s versatility.

Erin McManus, Jason Grossman and crew

“For a long time, because of the name of the business, people didn’t realize that we did more than just tee shirts. We really do all of it. With the new showroom, we want to highlight that we do embroidery on hats, promo products, business cards, banners, flyers and more. It’s going to showcase everything we do, all the swag, and if we don’t know how to do it, we’re going to figure out how. That’s our specialty.”

The showroom essentially doubles the workspace, allowing for individual production and consultations. It creates visuals for customer-imagined products as well as examples of materials on offer.

“It’s exciting. It’s fun. We’ve got garment samples out here. You can see what we do and what we have.”

Most of the team is well versed in graphic design, enabling them to customize icons and sets while the main focus remains on the various printing services and methods they can perform. Guests can bring in garments of their own or choose from in-house products.

“There are so many options available (to us).We take each customer and look at their art and how many shirts they’re doing, then we determine what the best technology is going to be to get them the best rate.”

Examples of specific processes are direct-to-garment digital printing, a kind of “shirt-printer,” silk-screening, a method much like “painting onto a shirt,” embroidery and other specific projects required to create art on lanyards, coffee cups and many other products. A night crew comes in during busy times to complete orders for the shop’s staff of six. “We’ve got a really good crew right now,” says McManus.

“We’re excited about this summer and going forward. During the summer we can be printing for about 36 hours a day just to keep things moving. We always want to do everything we can to meet those deadlines.”

Owned by Jason Grossman, Madshirtz is open Monday-Friday 10am-6pm. MADshirtz on Facebook offers up a great way to follow the art and any notices about the business, and highlights resources and information related to the store. To inquire about a custom product, visit the showroom, right next to the production facility at 1442 West Gurley St. in Prescott. Walk-ins are welcome.

Laura Cummings is a young adult raised in Prescott who continues to live locally.

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