July 2021
New Venue on the Row
The Attic offers eclectic experiences in an intimate setting

Most of us remember our first concert. For some the experience was formative, while others chat casually about their first time seeing live music. Seeing a favorite band is often considered a must-do, wherever they may be.

An enjoyable show is within arm’s reach now, even locally. Bars and restaurants often feature artists from the area or nearby, and “house shows” run by local artists have always been part of the scene. With its growing population Prescott is beginning to offer more and more live performances of all sorts, opening valuable local venues not previously seen in the area. With the reopening of most businesses, The Attic is here to provide a unique and immersive live-music experience.

Cushy outdoor seating

Rachel Beck, the venue’s booking manager, works to create a space for all genres and backgrounds to perform. “What I saw with The Attic was really an opportunity to foster an environment that caters to original artists and touring bands. We want it to be diverse, from throwing metal shows, to hip-hop, poetry, comedians, that kind of thing.”

The venue holds up to about 100 people, providing an intimate environment for enjoying each artist’s show. Guests can even get some fresh air on the outdoor patio. “It’s really cool some nights when the band’s playing, you can step out on the patio and hear the band from Montezuma Tavern below. It’s awesome, lots of art going on.” A musician herself, Beck played and continues to play at The Attic personally.

“(My music) is a jazzy-blues kind of thing. But really our shows are just a whole lot of chaos and fun. When I walked into The Attic the first time I knew that this was where I wanted to throw my shows personally. We just started throwing the coolest parties.”

The Attic opens doors for local emerging artists as well. “We can get these big artists from out of town, and if they have a big following and they have their own fans, then we can foster these relationships with local artists and they can open up for them.” 

The Attic runs shows most Friday and Saturday nights, while she and owners Jamy and Pete Carreno also book special events. 

On Friday June 25 the venue ran a show featuring various punk bands. The concert was headlined by Get Dead and The Last Gang, with openers The Modifiers and Far From Good. In attending the event I was able to further understand a special movement surfacing in a new way in town.

The show's atmosphere consisted of universal love and passion for live music. I met several people who spoke about the lack of venues to showcase both local and touring artists, and nearly every person showed great excitement for the emerging space. Justin, a long-time live-music attendee, opened up about his past with the music scene in Prescott at the show. “We need something like this. For years all we had was underground do-it-yourself venues at houses. It’s great to see what has begun to bud in Prescott.”

Owners Jamy and Pete Carreno

Punk fan and local performer HP spoke about their feelings of the show: “It just feels like a kind of renaissance. It all stopped for such a long time and it’s finally back.” 

While The Attic provides a quality music experience, Rachel explained that the owners and staff also want to provide quality accommodations and an inviting, open space for people of all backgrounds.

“We just want it to be a space where you can go and just ... exist. Where you don’t have to worry about being judged.”

On July 24 The Attic will bring on Key Lewis, a well known Sacramento comedian with past performances at the Laugh Factory and Kevin Hart’s open mic event, a performance that Rachel particularly looks forward to. July will feature several other artists as well. July 4 events will run on the 2nd and 3rd, a mashup of Rock, Grunge, Alternative and related genres. Other coming events include, but are not limited to:

  • Johnny Cash Tribute Band: Fri/Sat July 9-10, 6pm
  • Heavy Sugar (Chicago blues): Sat July 17, 8pm
  • Scream Me So Beautiful Summer Tour (Danny Attack, Far From Good): Mon Aug. 2, 7pm
Bartenders Ryan and Sean keep the party going

The space is right downtown at 218 S. Montezuma St. The location holds a mysterious allure, leading guests up a small flight of stairs to reveal the lounge and bar. The area includes plenty of seating with special attention to comfort, with couches and other cushioned seats. 

Owners Jamy and Pete Carreno commit to creating a comprehensive cocktail menu that cannot be found anywhere else in town. Looking over the menu during sound checks, Jamy mentioned the hands-on process of its often evolving creation.

“It’s a team effort. We and the staff all meet and work on it together.”

Regular cocktails include the Strawberry Moscow Mule, Blackberry Bourbon Smash, and Dark & Smoky, among many. Special events often spark the creation of limited-time cocktails as well.

The Attic: A Creative Carreno Space, its full title, operates as a tattoo shop in daytime hours. Tattoos are done in the common area where artists usually perform, by appointment only. This method once again provides an intimate experience. The owners often spend one-on-one time with clients. Jamy and Pete are both tattoo artists, and Pete recently won an award for his work.

The Attic normally opens an hour before a show, with some exceptions, sometimes earlier to offer a place to have a drink and relax. To view coming events, read more about the vision or take a look at the cocktail menu, visit TheAttic-Prescott.com, The Attic: A Creative Carreno Space on Facebook, or view content from past shows and tattoos via @the_attic_prescott on Instagram.

Laura Cummings is a young adult raised in Prescott who continues to live locally. Photos by Laura.

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