April 2022
Margaritas for World Peace
Cinco de Mayo with the Sister City Association of Prescott

A couple of years ago we featured an article about the local Sister Cities group and how it works to build friendships and mutual support networks between the cities of Prescott and Caborca, Sonora. The members of both groups visit back and forth, celebrate cultural events and raise money to support several organizations in Caborca, including an orphanage and a kindergarten.

I joined several years ago and went with our choir to visit Caborca for a weekend that was immensely gratifying. The Caborcans could not have been more welcoming, and we came away feeling that real connections had been made. Our choir hopes to go again soon.

Unfortunately Covid has put a real damper on visits back and forth, but Sister City members have kept in touch via Zoom. The Caborcans even put on a whole Day of the Dead program for our group, with music and dancing, all shared over Zoom! Plans are being made for some fun visits as we move out of Covid restrictions.

The initiative to create connections between cities of similar size in different countries began under President Dwight Eisenhower over 60 years ago, at a time when Cold-War thinking was creating fear and building walls (both real and metaphorical) between cultures. Cities began making connections and facilitating culture-based exchange to help overcome mistrust and stereotypes by building cross-cultural friendships.

Prescott has a close connection with our sister city, Caborca, just five hours away, and this year marks the 50th anniversary of this connection. It’s amazing to think about what Prescott was like 50 years ago (a whole lot smaller!) and even then that our town had the idea to reach out to forge this connection. There is much history and many stories that we will cover in another article, but there is one upcoming event that shouldn’t be missed.

Cinco de Mayo is a great excuse for us to enjoy margaritas and Mexican food, but it’s generally not such a big festival in Mexico. Contrary to popular belief, it is not Mexican Independence Day, but rather commemorates the Battle of Puebla in 1862, in which the Mexicans defeated French troops sent by Napoleon III. This was a real morale booster, and is still remembered as such.

This year our group is hosting a Cinco de Mayo celebration to kick off the 50th anniversary celebration, at the Hassayampa Hotel on May 7, 11am till closing. All are welcome to come enjoy music and dancing on the patio, plus paper flower-making. Sister Cities members will be there to share stories about traveling back and forth and the work they do to support the various initiatives in Caborca.

For $17.50 you can get a Caborcan Combo, including Hassayampa Fries (a shareable portion of fries with Hatch green chilis, chorizo and asadero cheese) and choice of a Cucumber Margarita or a Spicy Paloma cocktail. A portion of the proceeds will go to supporting the work of the Sister Cities groups. Standard price for the fries is $10 and specialty drinks run $10-$14, so this is a good deal and supports a great cause. Margaritas for World Peace!

We will be featuring more Sister Cities 50th-anniversary events in coming issues, including a gala celebration on September 17, where members from Caborca will be present to celebrate Mexican Independence Day.

To learn more about the Sister City Association of Prescott, check out the Facebook page (Prescott-Caborca Sister City Association) or PrescottSisterCity.com, or email caborca@PrescottSisterCity.com.

Abby Brill is Associate Editor of 5enses.

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