July 2024
Jacques Laliberte
February 2, 1956-June 8, 2024

Prescott has lost an inspirational and influential member of our arts community. Jacques Laliberte was a working, striving artist, and I can’t really describe him any better than he did himself: “Passionate Conceptual Designer directed toward collaborative social forms. Creative Free-Wheeler pushing Ideas and Possibilities farther than the Average Human. Architectural Illustration is my main business, and I am available for all projects.” Not only was he a fine artist, he was a multimedia creator of unique vibes, sculptures, landscapes, interiors, and writer and publisher of both fiction and environmental nonfiction. He was a frequent contributor to 5enses for many years as well. A master illustrator and draftsman, his renderings have become stunning municipal buildings and private homes across the region.

I met Jacques 18 years ago through a mutual friend, who described him as a “bon vivant.” He fostered a particular personal flair, shod in pink Pumas, driving stylistically wrapped cars, and always wearing classic silk scarves.

Jacques went out of his way to encourage and promote his artist friends, and in that he created personal challenges for many of us. He was always willing to help in whatever way he could. Like many of us, much of the time he was a starving artist, but when he’d land a good job he extended his generosity to his friends, and it was time to party!

His absence from our lives and from the Prescott arts scene is already deeply felt, and seems at present without diminution.

Portrait by Neil Orlowski

Jacques passed very peacefully on June 8 surrounded by his community of family and friends. He is survived by his loves Anke, Lona and Mila, and his siblings Roni, Jesse, Mimi and Nick.

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