April 2023
Art Still Endures

Covid has been hard on artists, but as we have seen, adversity can bring about innovation and initiatives that might not have otherwise come into being. In the early, scarier days of the pandemic a handful of artists came together to create something new. All had been planning on participating in the annual Artists Studio Tour, but when the tour was canceled due to safety concerns these five decided to hold their own, smaller sale, and fittingly called it Art Endures.

It was held over two days on a beautiful September weekend and staged at the home of Jody Skjei, a perfect location with lots of spaces for individual displays. I was one of those original five, and can attest that it was a great event. Starved for something to do and safe contact with others, many visitors came to see us and our work. Sales were brisk and a good time was had by all.

The success of the initial event prompted the artists to repeat it, and May will bring the fourth Art Endures sale. The location is again at Jody’s place, suitable not only because she has such an accommodating front yard, but also because she is a metal artist. Having the sale at her place makes it possible for visitors to both experience her studio and her expansive, terraced “metal garden,” containing not plants but countless pieces of metal carefully sorted and ready for use in her sculptures. This year five artists will again be showing their work on Saturday, May 6, 10am-6pm.

Jody Skjei is widely recognized in Prescott for both her metal sculptures and her more structural architectural gates and panels. Her whimsical birds can be found at Van Gogh’s Ear gallery, but much of her work is commissioned. People come to her with an idea and she’ll take them to see her metal garden, where they often find something they want her to incorporate in a piece. “I like working with clients to design creative solutions for their needs”

Jody uses both new and recycled metal. She says she’s looking forward to the freedom of creating “fun funky” as well as functional pieces for this spring show.

Jody Skjei

Art Endures alumna Anne Legge is a mixed-media artist. She uses wood as a canvas and paints with wood stains. She incorporates found objects to embellish and help tell a story. Many of her pieces are framed in antique boxes or drawers.

Anne Legge

Starting with molten glass on a blowpipe, Jordan Ford adds layers of colored glass and carves through the layers to expose the internal colors. Jordon owns and operates the Melting Point glassblowing studio and gallery in Sedona.

Jordan Ford

Chelsea Stone’s jewelry (featured on our cover) combines traditional media like copper, silver, enamel and gemstones with non-traditional materials such as resin, cement, inks, image transfers and found objects. Chelsea teaches at Yavapai College, and her work can be found at Van Gogh’s Ear.

Chelsea Stone

Joy Goff offers watercolor pieces that are bright, intricate and patterned, full of movement and joy. Her abstract paintings and drawings incorporate textures and colors of nature and landscapes.

Joy Goff

Transitioning from its popup origins to a more predictable annual spring event, Art Endures will be well worth the visit. Please note that this year it will only be a one-day sale! Come see what these five artists have to offer and enjoy a (hopefully) lovely spring day, soaking up some art. And definitely check out the metal garden!

Art Endures: 1817 Oaklawn Dr., Prescott on May 6, 10am-6pm.

Abby Brill is Associate Editor of 5enses.

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