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  • Awakenings: Danna Templeman January 2019

    Jan 6, 19 • ndemarino • 5enses, Danna TemplemanComments Off on Awakenings: Danna Templeman January 2019Read More »

    By Danna Templeman 2019 is coming in hot with all the drama of 2018. Things are feeling tumultuous and uneasy for most of us, from politics to the global crises of pollution and global warming. We seem to have a lot of worries and anxiety at this turn of the calendar. All is not lost. The amazing shifts happening in the community of “woke folks” are simply amazing. This awakening gives us hope for the future. Our sixth sense is opening and blossoming like a beautiful flower. It is happening all around us in all walks of life. The choice is ours to take notice of the gentle cues of awakening. If we allow ourselves to grow and acknowledge the information being given to us, the possibilities open to a new chapter in our lives. It may be as simple as déjà vû: having that familiar feeling of being in this place before, knowing it is a memory or dream we have brought forth from the past. Serendipitous moments are also a sign of awakening. When it seems too perfect, too magical not to notice the situation unfolding in front of you, take a moment or two to appreciate the magic the universe is giving you. Many people are feeling their own empathic abilities heightened. This can be a blessing and a curse. Being empathic opens us up to feeling

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