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  • Peregrine Book Co. Staff Picks: July 2016

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    Catered by Reva Sherrard “On Inequality” By Harry Frankfurt On average, women make about 78 cents to every dollar a man makes. Same jobs, same duties. Is this right? Of course it isn’t. But is equal pay the right way to go? Is this where we should start? If men and women make roughly the same amount but neither make enough to stay above the poverty line, does it even matter? Read on to see what the book has to say on this relevant topic. — Jon “The Picture of Dorian Gray” By Oscar Wilde Pictures have the ability to capture moments, people, and places as timeless memories. However, what would happen if such captivation was used incorrectly or even maliciously? This book is haunting and thought-provoking and has stayed with me for many years. — Emma “Beauty is a Wound” By Eka Kurniawan This Indonesian novel knocked my socks off. Eka Kurniawan carries the mantle of magical realism beautifully here. If you are a fan of Borges, Garcia Marquez, Murakami, or Rushdie this book will fit nicely in your collection. It reads smoother to me than all the aforementioned, and is the best book I’ve read so far this year. — David “All Tomorrow’s Parties” By Rob Spillman With incredible clarity, Spillman looks back on being an only child of divorced parents, the eccentric life he led with his

  • Peregrine Book Co. Staff Picks: February 2016

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    Catered by Reva Sherrard “M Train” By Patti Smith Composed of experiences and various adventures, this is an incredibly beautiful story of love, loss, and what can be found. In “M Train” you will discover Smith’s wit and undeniable strength as she faces life without her love Fred “Sonic” Smith and how she finds peace through grief. A very personal look into Smith’s life, this book is just as special, if not more so, than her first novel Just Kids. — Lacey “The Vorrh” By Brian Catling If you love fantasy you must read this — however, if you don’t, this is your chance. This novel gave me the chills. — Veri “Ms. Marvel: No Normal” By G. Willow Wilson & Adrian Alphona Don’t know what on earth the appeal of comics is? Curious, but turned off by the thought of scanty spandex, scantier plot lines and extreme graphic violence? Never fear: Ms. Marvel is here! This is exactly the kind of surprising, loyalty-inspiring comic that’s driving the genre’s renaissance. Starring Kamala Khan, a Jersey City teen who grapples with her newfound superpowers and villains alike as she tries to reconcile crime-fighting with a 9 p.m. curfew, and featuring stellar writing (who doesn’t love a superhero costume made out of a burkini?), wildly funny art, and a big heart, Ms. Marvel is a winner. — Reva “Aviary Wonders Inc.” By

  • Peregrine Book Co. Staff Picks: January 2016

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    By Peregrine Book Co. staff “No Matter the Wreckage” By Sarah Kay Sarah Kay has a voice that resonates deeply with me, and no matter my mood one of her poems will always speak to me. Her spoken-word poems are extraordinary, emotionally charged masterpieces. — Emily “The Body Keeps the Score” By Bessel van der Kolk Dr. van der Kolk presents a brilliant synthesis of decades of research into the effects of trauma. His conclusion, that trauma survivors are ill-served by a psychiatric model that offers a diagnosis for every symptom but makes little effort to identify or resolve the experiential sources of an individual’s distress, is resounding and irrefutable. Van der Kolk writes with passion, eloquence, and authority, most of all on the subject of trauma in children, and outlines thoroughly-researched alternative methods of treatment. Essential reading for health professionals and educators, “The Body Keeps the Score” deserves to be recognized as the definitive text on trauma for our time. — Reva “Welcome to Braggsville” By T. Geronimo Johnson This provocative, wholly original satire couldn’t be more timely. When four Berkeley students travel to the south to stage a dramatic protest during a Civil War reenactment, friendships are tried and the town’s darkest secrets are uncovered. Poetic, ambitious, and resoundingly perceptive. — Michaela “A Muse and a Maze” By Peter Turchi Beautifully illustrated, “A Muse and A Maze” delights

  • Peregrine Book Co. Staff Picks: December 2015

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    By Peregrine Book Co. staff “Stories in the Stars” By Susanna Hislop Though this book calls itself an atlas, it’s really a collection of stories. Constellations and asterisms recognized by cultures all over the world are included accompanied by short stories, poems, and histories detailing the stories that human imagination has created for the stars. ~Sean “Eating Animals” By Jonathan Safran Foer As a reluctantly recovering vegetarian, Foer helped me reflect on my meat-eating urges and how to consume meat more intentionally. From meatful folklore to harrowing accounts of factory farming, Foer’s artful writing is both entrancing and informative. You will never eat animals the same way again! ~Emma “Voracious” By Cara Nicoletti You will be hungry the entire time you read this. I promise. Nicoletti is a baking genius and will have you rushing to the kitchen to create the recipes that inspired her throughout her life. ~Lacey “Notes on the Assemblage” By Juan Filipe Herrera In this newest collection of poems by America’s newest poet-laureate, Herrara embraces the world of contemporary politics in poetic form. Fired by anger, but guided by love, this wise bard from Southern California blends empathy, eulogy, and existentialism with Buddhism and magical realism to give his readers a ride through his grounded, soaring cosmos. ~Mark “The Wake” By Paul Kingsnorth Kingsnorth delivers an astonishing, visceral howl of rage and grief from an Anglo-Saxon

  • Peregrine Book Co. Staff Picks: November 2015

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    By Peregrine Book Co. staff “Furiously Happy” By Jenny Lawson Do you know how people tend to ignore or avoid the things they find uncomfortable? Lawson does the opposite, proudly standing beside her diagnoses and emotions while not hiding or denying them. A truly beautiful book that will have you falling out of your seat laughing, while still learning a little bit more about mental illnesses and the social perceptions about them. — Emily “Sea Fever” By Sam Jefferson Here are the real-life adventures at sea that inspired some of the most beloved English literature of all time. A stand-alone nautical history as well as a companion to Melville and Marryat, “Sea Fever” evokes the salt spray, tar, rum, and gunpowder of the age of sail. — Reva “The Underground Girls of Kabul” By Jenny Nordberg I realized after reading “The Underground Girls of Kabul,” that I took my tree-climbing, dirt-rolling, pant-wearing childhood for granted. In so many communities throughout the world, girls and women are still seen as inferior. Nordberg highlights the lives of some families throughout Afghanistan who discreetly bend gender rules for reasons you may be surprised to read about. … — Emma “The Water Knife” By Paolo Bacigalupi This is the scariest book I’ve read in a very long time. In the southwest U.S. in the very near future water has been finally and completely commodified

  • Peregrine Book Co. Staff Picks: September 2015

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    By Peregrine Book Co. staff “Juxtapoz: Hyperreal” By Evan Pricco Hyperreal: realism in art characterized by depiction of real life in an unusual or striking manner. I cannot even begin to craft an explanation of what these pages hold nearly as well as Pricco does in his introduction. Therefore my advice is to read and reread the introduction and prepare yourself to be amazed at how art has responded to our technological age! Be sure to check out Lee Price, Zaria Forman, and Diego Koi — they are some of my favorites! —Sarah “Snakes: The Evolution of Mystery in Nature” By Harry W. Greene For all lovers of the scaled and enigmatical, a tome equally at home on a discerning coffee-table as on the serious herpetologist’s desk. Greene’s clear, impassioned writing is the perfect vehicle for his experience and erudition in the natural history of Serpentes. Spectacular photos by Michael and Patricia Fogden show snakes hunting, mating, on the move, and at rest. Bask in their serpentine glory. —Reva “A House In The Sky” By Amanda Lindhout & Sara Corbett This story will haunt you long after you read it. Amanda is incredibly brave, and as terrifying as some of her stories may seem, they are powerful and need to be read. —Lacey “All the Wild That Remains: Edward Abbey, Wallace Stegner, and the American West” By David Gessner This

  • Peregrine Book Co. Staff Picks: July 2015

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    By Peregrine Book Co. staff “The Coral Sea” By Patti Smith This collection of poems written for Robert Mapplethorpe is Smith’s final gift to him. After writing “Just Kids,” in which Smith promised him she would write of their story, she has saved “The Coral Sea” to express the pain and sorrow she felt after losing him and to capture the person he was in a way that only she knows how. — Lacey “Collected Poems” By Federico Garcia Lorca Lorca is incredibly skilled in not only conveying so much passion within his poems, but in his ability to create vivid imagery that reminds the reader of the beauty and turbulence that surrounded him in pre-Franco Spain. This is a wonderful collection of poems by one of the most celebrated Spanish poets. — Lacey “Explorers of the Nile” By Tim Jeal Jaw-dropping adventure, larger-than-life personalities, and a truly epic quest for the source of the Nile, in a new and revelatory treatment of the events that inspired the 1990 film “Mountains of the Moon.” Jeal is both a colorful, exciting storyteller and a meticulous historian, using long-buried sources to build the most accurate depictions yet of the people involved — including, wherever possible, the explorers’ African guides, porters, and friends. — Reva “The Buried Giant” By Kazuo Ishiguro In “The Buried Giant” Ishiguro surpasses even his earlier masterpiece, “The Remains

  • Peregrine Book Co. Staff Picks: May 2015

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    By Peregrine Book Co. staff “The Fabric of the Cosmos: Space, Time, and the Texture of Reality” By Brian Greene An easily accessible book about String Theory and how we perceive time and space. —Jon “The Dog Stars” By Peter Heller All the devastation of the apocalypse– the sadness, loss, guilt– blended with beauty, humanity and humor. An engaging story, meditative and original. —Kim Smilla’s Sense of Snow By Peter Hoeg A harsh, fierce story with a harsher, fiercer heroine; a murder mystery with many moments of visceral beauty and insight. Smilla, half Danish and half Greenlandic, refuses to accept the official version of how a child, her former friend, met his death. Her pursuit of the truth will take her through the bleaker wastes of human nature and her own heart. —Reva “Cumin, Camels, & Caravans: A Spice Odyssey” By Gary Paul Nabhan Gary Nabhan skillfully blends cultural history and natural history, botany and geography making it all both personal and universal. He is one of my favorite writers. Nabhan is a lecturer and research social scientist at the University of Arizona’s Southwest Center. He has received a MacArthur “genius” award, the John Burroughs Medal for Nature Writing, and many other honors. —Tom “The Famished Road” By Ben Okri A truly extraordinary work of hallucinatory magic in the style of Gabriel García Márquez. —Ty ***** Visit Peregrine Book Company

  • Peregrine Book Co. Staff Picks: April 2015

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    By Peregrine Book Co. staff “Farewell, My Lovely” By Raymond Chandler Quite possibly Chandler’s best effort. Each time you read one of his expertly written works of detective fiction, you’re submerged in the world of Philip Marlowe, private eye. —Jeremy “All the Light We Cannot See” By Anthony Doerr Ten years in the writing, Anthony Doerr’s new novel, “All the Light We Cannot See,” is at once intimate and generous, historical and magical, thrilling and gorgeous. It is one of those books I savored, the way I do great poetry. — Michaela The Ear, the Eye, & the Arm By Nancy Farmer In a riotously dystopic future Zimbabwe, three privileged siblings tumble into an adventure involving a criminal talking monkey, trash-people, a traditional village preserved against time, and Soul Stealers. Hot on their trail are Ear, Eye and Arm, detectives whose qualifications include mutation-enhanced senses and a gift certificate to Mr. Thirsty’s Beer Hall masquerading as a diploma. Hilarious, intricate, outrageously imagined, and truly creepy — a winner. —Reva “The Flower Recipe Book” By Alethea Harampolia & Jill Rizzo Elegant, beautiful, and inspiring. It’s perfect. —Lacey “Others of My Kind” By James Sallis James Sallis’s new novel, “Others of My Kind,” is a compelling read, and hard to put down. Jenny Rowan, the novel’s protagonist, had been abducted at age 8 and kept in a box under her captor’s bed

  • Peregrine Book Co. Staff Picks: March 2015

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    By Peregrine Book Co. staff “What Do You Buy the Children of the Terrorist Who Tried to Kill Your Wife?” By David Harris-Gershon An intensely intriguing book that goes beyond personal experience into the political aspects of being the victim of terrorism. A man’s journey to reconcile his personal suffering with that of the terrorist’s family. —Sarah “Gaia’s Garden: A Guide to Home-Scale Permaculture” By Toby Hemenway Create an edible ecosystem in your yard! —Tom “Master & Commander” By Patrick O’Brian This, my dear, is the first book in the great immortal adventure story of the world. The finest, funniest, most thrilling & fulfilling epic narrative in English, peopled by the best-drawn and most memorable characters we know of. O’Brian will sweep you away. Be you sea-dog or lubberly literary cove, read it, for all love. There is not a moment to be lost. —Reva “Rain of Gold” By Victor Villasenor The storytelling, the landscape, the unforgettable characters — this book will open your eyes and keep you reading. So awesome. —Kim “The Golem & the Jinni” By Helene Wecker A thoroughly diverting imaginal novel, and one of the more intriguing combinations of the magical and the profane to be published in the last few years. Chava, a golem created by dark Kabbalistic magic, is awakened on a voyage to America in 1899. In the same moment Ahmad, a Syrian

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