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  • Drunken ShakesBeer: Comedy of Errors

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    By Mona Stephens Special to 5enses        Across the world, maybe the universe, William Shakespeare is proclaimed to be the greatest writer to command the English language. However, hundreds of millions of Americans only know his name and that he wrote plays. Most have never heard nor seen a Shakespearian masterpiece. It’s an issue the local Prescott branch of the Denver Colorado acting group “The Wit’s Shakesbeer” aims to solve.     “The Wit’s Shakesbeer” is a theater group that performs classical Shakespeare in pubs and breweries, while drunk. The goal is to bring Shakespeare to individuals who wouldn’t normally have exposure to, or appreciation of, the legend’s work. They do so in a way that’s light, and that meets people where they normally are.      The Prescott group, founded last year, when Jacob d’Armand brought this concept with him from Denver. Denver, of course, is a great theatre town, as well as a great drinking town. But it didn’t take long for Jacob to find local actors and volunteers to help him make this Denver favorite a Prescott reality. Through 2018, the group put on plays that local Prescottonians say is “comical in every way.” But don’t just take it from the locals. Drunken Shakespeare, as a whole, as been called an experience that “can’t be replicated” by the Wall Street Journal. That’s often because no one

  • Prescott Peeps: Jonathan Best & ComMUSIKey

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    How do you introduce yourself? I’m a music gardener, that’s my title. I plant musical seeds and they grow and I tend them and water them and prune them. You could take that metaphor as far as you want. I just really live in music. What are you up to these days? In August I’m going to do this “Build the Bridges” tour along the West Coast. It’s part of a mission to build all kinds of bridges — musical, social, you name it. Someone, a student of mine, bought and donated a little upright spinet piano, a Melodigrand. I’m going to have this little piano on wheels. It’s light enough, I’ll probably be able to pull it with my bicycle. The idea is that I’ll be able to take it anywhere. The tour is based on the “Build the Bridges” song. Which is? Sorry, I’m not familiar with it. Ohh, well, I was at a Trump rally and making music. I believe that the more people who play music the better, especially in places where there’s going to be discord. I was there with my ukelele and I was trying to turn what they were shouting into music, into singing. I heard somebody shout “build the bridges, take down the walls,” so I started playing and singing that, and people started singing, and it kind of grew out of

  • Cycles: One Man’s Treasure turns trash into art

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    By Valerie Irvine-Karinen Car parts. Dishes. Carpentry. Tools. Cans. They all come out of Granite Creek covered in mud. It’s easy enough to throw them away again, but where’s the fun in that? Since the 1980s, people have been pulling trash from Granite Creek as part of cleanups sponsored by various groups, including, at one point, a city committee. Nine years ago, the local nonprofit Prescott Creeks picked up the torch. “You would think that after all this time there would be nothing left,” said Paula Cooperrider, a Prescott Creeks board member. “But, every year, we drag out anywhere up to 10 tons of trash out of Granite Creek.” In recent years, more than 500 volunteers have participated in the annual Granite Creek Cleanup — which boasts some 4,000 volunteers under Prescott Creeks. And, on April 18, about 2.4 tons of trash from the creek, bringing the total amount of trash collected during the last nine years to around 42.6 tons. Though some of the collected trash is bound for recycling centers and landfills, some of it’s given new purpose in artwork sold at “One Man’s Treasure,” an annual found object art show and auction via Prescott Creeks founded in 2012. There are a lot of ideas tied up in these objets trouvés. Implicit or explicit, their reemployment is commentary on consumption, waste disposal, watersheds, conservation, art, aesthetics, and, in

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