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  • Modern, Fresh, and Local: BiGA

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    By Katie Chatham Today we are living in a time when environmental awareness and the efforts towards sustainability are on the rise. To acknowledge and honor these movements, entire communities have taken action by doing things like banning plastic bags and straws, and encouraging everyone to shop and eat locally. The community of Prescott stands alongside many others that encourage these movements. One local eatery stands out when it comes to the efforts taken to realize the ideas of sustainability and sourcing locally. BiGA, a restaurant in the heart of Prescott, has gone to great lengths to ensure that the food served is sourced locally and raised in an environmentally conscious manner. From the structure of the building, to the leftovers, everything has been thought out carefully and has our Earth and our community at heart. Much of the structure of BiGA was built from repurposed wood and metal in an effort toward sustainability. And what about the food you leave on your plate? The servers place it into a receptacle to take back to the chickens at the farms where that very food was grown—it all comes around, full circle. BiGA’s owners, Chef John Panza and Cassandra Hankison, have been working in the industry for years, and came together to start a “pop-up”style dining and catering business called Senses back in July of 2016. At the heart of the

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