Show & Tell: Natalie Krol at Sean Goté Gallery

Jun 29, 18 • 5enses, FeatureNo Comments

By Robert Blood

Absorbing, boisterous, captivating, divine, ecstatic, fecund, grandiose, halcyon, illustrious, jovial, kinetic, lustrous, masterful, nourishing, optimistic, passionate, quenchless, redolent, sensuous, transcendent, unyielding, votive, winsome, exultant, youthful, zestful.

Natalie Krol’s sculptures. At Sean Goté Gallery. All July.



Natalie Krol’s sculptures will be on display all July at Sean Goté Gallery, 702 W. Gurley St., 928-445-2233. Find out more at NatalieKrol.Com and SeanGote.Com.
Robert Blood is a Mayer-ish-based freelance writer and ne’er-do-well who’s working on his last book, which, incidentally, will be his first. Contact him at BloodyBobby5@Gmail.Com.



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