Peregrine Book Co. Staff Picks: March 2017

Peregrine-LOGOCatered by Reva Sherrard

“Walking to Martha’s Vineyard”

By Franz Wright

Every word of this moving poetry collection is worth reading, more than once, while sipping tea (or whiskey), in front of the fireplace, while petting the cat. ~Jon

“Every Time I Find the Meaning of Life, They Change It”

By Daniel Klein

This philosophy book is fun and easy to read. You read that right: fun and easy. Two words you wouldn’t normally use to describe a philosophy book. The author has made a craft of making philosophy something everyone can read, but it doesn’t take away from any of the big ideas throughout. ~Jon


By J. G. Ballard

I dare you: read the first sentence, then try to look away. Ha ha haaa. Ballard’s psychological thriller is a diabolically perspicacious, riveting free-fall into absolute social collapse. ~Reva

“The Devourers”

By Indra Das

Holy hell, is this book good. Das’ shapeshifter novel soars above its predecessors in both substance and style, a mesmerizing tale of were-predators and the twinned natures of humankind. The writing has real literary merit, mingling gruesomeness and beauty in ardent descriptive language. The concepts are original and convincing. I’m telling you, good stuff! ~Reva

“Fortunately, the Milk”

By Neil Gaiman

This book has it all: A dinosaur, pirates, a volcano god, aliens, ponies, wumpires, and, fortunately, the milk. ~Veri

“Perdido Street Station”

By China Miéville

Welcome to a world not unlike our own; welcome to a world very unlike our own. Mieville’s writing runs rampant with characters straight out of a fairy tale… or your own nightmares. He’s the master of Weird Fiction. Check this book out to see why. ~Jon

“The Girl on the Train”

By Paula Hawkins

If you haven’t seen the movie yet, DON’T! Told from three intertwining perspectives, this story is meant to be read (or listened to). It’s a hold-your-breath mystery novel that does not disappoint. Your heart will thump — guaranteed. ~Hannah

“The Occult”

By Colin Wilson

Wilson was an adamant believer in science. In an attempt to take a non-biased look at historical accounts of occult-related incidents, he begins to lean toward belief by the end of the book. ~Joe


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