Peregrine Book Co. Staff Picks: July 2015

By Peregrine Book Co. staff

The Coral Sea”

By Patti Smith

This collection of poems written for Robert Mapplethorpe is Smith’s final gift to him. After writing “Just Kids,” in which Smith promised him she would write of their story, she has saved “The Coral Sea” to express the pain and sorrow she felt after losing him and to capture the person he was in a way that only she knows how. — Lacey

Collected Poems”

By Federico Garcia Lorca

Lorca is incredibly skilled in not only conveying so much passion within his poems, but in his ability to create vivid imagery that reminds the reader of the beauty and turbulence that surrounded him in pre-Franco Spain. This is a wonderful collection of poems by one of the most celebrated Spanish poets. — Lacey

Explorers of the Nile”

By Tim Jeal

Jaw-dropping adventure, larger-than-life personalities, and a truly epic quest for the source of the Nile, in a new and revelatory treatment of the events that inspired the 1990 film “Mountains of the Moon.” Jeal is both a colorful, exciting storyteller and a meticulous historian, using long-buried sources to build the most accurate depictions yet of the people involved — including, wherever possible, the explorers’ African guides, porters, and friends. — Reva

The Buried Giant”

By Kazuo Ishiguro

In “The Buried Giant” Ishiguro surpasses even his earlier masterpiece, “The Remains of the Day.” His perennial themes of remembrance, self-delusion, and the corrosive action of reality upon ideals propel protagonists Axl and Beatrice through a profoundly eerie early-medieval landscape teeming with human and inhuman dangers. Like the others they meet, the aged couple have lost something they do not fully comprehend; the regaining of it may destroy what little they have left, and reverberate far beyond their own lives. Slowly the mysteries unravel towards a culmination that is equal parts bitter heartbreak and transcendent beauty. Ishiguro has accomplished something new and deeply important. — Reva


By Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie

Brutally honest in how she constructs the matrix of American culture seen through a specifically African immigrant lens, Adichie has crafted a unique story that compels you not only to keep reading but to take another look at how Americans “caste” people. — Sarah

The Strange Library 107”

By Haruki Murakami

Murakami has created a labyrinthine dreamscape in “The Strange Library 107.” You may find yourself following the main protagonist into a realm beyond the everyday and wonder where Murakami is taking you both. This book begins and ends in dream, exploring the deeper emotions in a human life the entire way through. A memorable read you will not soon forget. — marieke


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