Peregrine Book Co. Staff Picks: January 2018

Peregrine-LOGOCatered by Reva Sherrard

“After Dark,” by Haruki Murakami

A term comes to mind: a book to get lost in. That defines this book, as well as all of Murakami’s work. Just don’t be upset if you don’t make it back out again. ~Jon

“The Art of Eating,” by M.F.K. Fisher

Such lush sensory riches — such a virtuosic harmony of taste, talent, and elegance — such a deeply involving appetite for love, warmth, and the food that lends voluptuous color to one and satiety to the other: Fisher’s oeuvre delivers, and delivers, and delivers. ~Reva

“Meddling Kids,” by Edgar Cantero

Scooby-Doo meets … Lovecraft?! … in this fun and wacky mystic mystery. A real romp with grown-up scares and plenty of laughs. ~Susannah

“Night Air,” by Ben Sears

Another graphic novel by the amazing Ben Sears. Appropriate for kids but at least as much fun for adults! It’s like Tintin on a roboplanet committing clever heists. ~David

“The Girl with All the Gifts,” by M.R. Carey

You thought there was nothing new anyone could do with zombies? Well, you were wrong, and this book will show you why. Spine-tingling! ~Susannah

“Reservoir 13,” by Jon McGregor

This novel is a meditation on rural living, plus the far-reaching effects of a girl’s disappearance on a seemingly tranquil community. ~Lacey

“The Fisherman,” by John Langman

This was a weird horror story. Fantastic writing and pace. But weird. Langan does a good job of mixing grief with a building, insidious menace in this story. I enjoyed the mix of dark folklore and storytelling. Ten out of ten! — I highly recommend it. ~Susannah

“Stardust,” by Neil Gaiman (Audiobook edition)

Gaiman’s voice narrating his wonderful fantasy novel about a fallen star and a boy willing to go to the realm of Faery for love is the bees’ knees. Seriously, it’s like Professor Snape is in a good mood and has decided he wants to read to you. Just don’t interrupt him. ~Jon


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