Oddly Enough: October 2016

By Russell Miller

Oddly-Enough---Cigar-ShipThis odd looking vessel is called a “cigar ship” and was the brain child of an American named Ross Winans, an inventor and railroad engineer. At least four of these ships were built, the first one completed in 1858. Putting the paddle wheel in the center of this ship produced so much spray that the decks were decorative at best, and it was necessary to go outside in order to move from one half of the ship to the other. Though 16 feet in diameter, and over 180 feet long, there was little usable space inside.

ODDLY ENOUGH … Although it was intended for sea travel, it was discovered that one heavy wave could roll it over.


Oddly-Enough---Moles-and-WormsMoles, which feed on earthworms, can transmit a paralyzing drug into the worm and thus prevent it from escaping.

ODDLY ENOUGH … Moles often tie the worms into knots, forming balls. These knots of worms are then stacked and stored as fresh, living meat. As many as 470 such stored worms have been found in just one mole larder.


Russell Miller is an illustrator, cartoonist, writer, bagpiper, motorcycle enthusiast, and reference librarian. Currently, he illustrates books for Cody Lundin and Bart King.

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