Oddly Enough: May 2017

Oddly-Enough-LOGO-copyoddly-enough-thread-snakeBy Russell Miller

Texas Threadsnakes (which actually live in other states as well) can grow up to 8 inches in length, but are still small enough to comfortably coil up on a dime with plenty of room left to spare. They look very much like earthworms but are voracious hunters. They have extremely shiny scales and find their prey by a keen sense of smell.

ODDLY ENOUGH … Threadsnakes mainly feed on large ants which could easily overpower them and kill them. However, unlike most snakes which slowly envelope their food to swallow it, these tiny snakes have lightning fast, hinged jaws which allow the snake to gobble ants quicker than they can retaliate, opening and snapping their mouths shut many times a second.


oddly-enough-dentures-of-deathA fifty-six year-old Spanish thief grabbed the purse of a woman in Alicante, Spain. It contained approximately $170. In his haste to get away, the bandit accidentally swallowed his own dentures.

ODDLY ENOUGH … By the time the authorities arrived, the ill-fated purse snatcher had choked to death when the false teeth lodged in his windpipe.


Russell Miller is an illustrator, cartoonist, writer, bagpiper, motorcycle enthusiast, and reference librarian. Currently, he illustrates books for Cody Lundin and Bart King.

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