Oddly Enough: January 2019

Oddly-Enough-LOGO-copyBy Russell Miller

Lew Wallace by Russ Miller

In 1878 a retired Union general, Lew Wallace, arrived in New Mexico as Governor. Determined to restore order to feuding Lincoln County, Wallace, in an unprecedented move, granted amnesty to all outlaws. By corresponding with such “pistoleros” as the infamous Billy the Kid, he managed to convince many to turn state’s evidence against other wrong-doers. Eventually his actions helped re-establish order to the ravaged Lincoln County. Wallace was praised by President Grant in his memoirs, was later appointed U. S. Minister to the Ottoman Empire in 1881, and worked on the side as an inventor.


ODDLY ENOUGH – Lew Wallace is NOT know for being a Union general, ambassador, inventor, governor, or socializing with outlaws. Rather, he is best known for his masterful literary work — BEN HUR.


Russell Miller is an illustrator, cartoonist, writer, bagpiper, motorcycle enthusiast, and former reference librarian. Currently, he illustrates books for Cody Lundin and Bart King.

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