Inter Section Solo Festival: Questioning Tradition

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Inter•Section•Solo Festival

Questioning Tradition

Saturday, March 30, 7:00 pm

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Poet: Milta Ortiz • Performer: Delisa Myles
Milta Ortiz is now a Tucson poet/playwright/performer, whose bicultural reality and immigrant experience shapes the way she sees the world. It has become her superpower as an artist. She’s trained as a playwright formally, with an MFA degree from Northwestern University, as a performance artist in the Bay Area experimental theatre scene, and as a poet in Bay Area slams. She is Associate Artistic director at Borderlands Theater.
Poet: Leah Marche • Performer: Jay Ruby
Leah Marche has co-founded or founded several arts & culture organizations (BlackPoet Ventures, L!VE POET!C, Storyscope) and campaigns/events (Black Poetry Day, WE JAZZ JUNE, Black Horizons Festival). The Phoenix native also co-produces the JAZZmeetsPOETRY series at The Nash. Listed among Phoenix New Times’ 100 Creatives, the freelance graphic designer is a board member of Roosevelt Row Community Development Corporation.
Wagon Tracks Performed by Delisa Myles
Wagon Tracks” examines matrilineal Mormon ancestry and its relationship to the oppressed feminine body. Rivers within us entwine stories of ancestral westward migration and inward descent into deep memory. Inheritance and underworld, blood and water, create the matrix for a new kind of baptism. A body is on its way to becoming a new body. Life is full of cocoons.
I have been traversing the spirals of dance, healing and art for the last 35 years. I was central in forming and teaching in the Performing Arts program at Prescott College from 1994-2016, and am currently Faculty Emeritus. I am fascinated by visions for a sustainable future and currently have a hand in several upcoming collaborations involving the intersections of the body, land, water, and farm.” — Delisa Myles 
Fayettenam Performed by Jay Ruby
Water, Ghosts in the Mountain, Johnny Appleseed, Early Settlement, American Conscience & Transience. Fayettenam excavates personal questions of ancestry and the differing human impulses that exist in the muscle memory of the family archive. Like half known dreams, the shadowy shapes and forms of thought patterns & emotional responses intimate themselves forward. Forgotten or imagined, they become the knots that intertwine a response to the inherited legacy of our country.
I am trying to understand the way the past shapes the future through the present. Theater is a vehicle to research questions of karma and liberation while seeking wisdom and innocence.” –Jay Ruby


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