Inter Section Solo Festival: Questioning Identity

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Inter•Section•Solo Festival

Questioning Identity

Friday, March 29, 7:00 pm

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Poet Dan Seaman • Performer Christopher Mankowski

Dan Seaman has been writing poetry for 50 years and has publicly performed to a wide variety of audiences throughout the Southwest since 1997. He was host, performer, and co-organizer of the Arcosanti Arizona Statewide Slam Poetry Festival for all 7 years it occurred. He currently is working on a Literary Legacy Project of video and audio productions of his writings.




Poet KJ Miner • Performer Daniela de Guzman

KJ Miner is one part small-town boy,
two parts city folk. Born in Colorado, raised in Arizona, but grew up more in the 8 years he lived in Thailand than all the years before. He’s been a writer and teacher for many
years, but more recently stepped into the
world of performance poetry, driven by the need to do more and the desire to shake the silly world awake. Silence will no longer suffice.



Eve’s Revenge • Performed by Christopher Mankowski

Eve’s Revenge explores androgyny as a symbol for human spiritual potential and evolution. The performance dissects the paradox of gender identity at the forefront of socio-political discourse with nitty gritty details.

“I am dedicated to art and ritual as a means to transformation through psychological, social and spiritual dialogue.” –Christopher Mankowski



What is Welcome?

Performed by Daniela De Guzman

“What is Welcome?” highlights stories of displacement, contradiction and the sacred. It intertwines and overlaps stories of people who live on both sides of and in between borders, both personal and public, and the struggle for land and body. The piece aims to take binaries and parts of self, often seen as in opposition to each other, and play with them until absurdity enters and forces the edges to blur. To make a place where ‘all of you is welcome’.

“I perform because I need to give form to the nameless things and the unanswerable questions. I’m interested in the kind of stories that highlight our shared humanity as people and disturb feelings of isolation and individuation. I’m drawn to expression that feels raw, rough, and real, and makes space for absurdity, and different kinds of beauty to emerge and different bodies and voices to be seen and heard.” –Daniela De Guzman

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