Drunken ShakesBeer: Comedy of Errors

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By Mona Stephens

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     Across the world, maybe the universe, William Shakespeare is proclaimed to be the greatest writer to command the English language. However, hundreds of millions of Americans only know his name and that he wrote plays. Most have never heard nor seen a Shakespearian masterpiece. It’s an issue the local Prescott branch of the Denver Colorado acting group “The Wit’s Shakesbeer” aims to solve.    

The Wit’s Shakesbeer” is a theater group that performs classical Shakespeare in pubs and breweries, while drunk. The goal is to bring Shakespeare to individuals who wouldn’t normally have exposure to, or appreciation of, the legend’s work. They do so in a way that’s light, and that meets people where they normally are.

     The Prescott group, founded last year, when Jacob d’Armand brought this concept with him from Denver. Denver, of course, is a great theatre town, as well as a great drinking town. But it didn’t take long for Jacob to find local actors and volunteers to help him make this Denver favorite a Prescott reality. Through 2018, the group put on plays that local Prescottonians say is “comical in every way.” But don’t just take it from the locals. Drunken Shakespeare, as a whole, as been called an experience that “can’t be replicated” by the Wall Street Journal. That’s often because no one really remembers what happened.

     Sadly, Jacob left Prescott recently, but “Shakesbeer lives on. Brenna Sullivan and Joseph Hough are two lovers of the arts who are making sure of it. Together, the duo is directing a drunken version of “The Comedy of Errors by William Shakespeare” and bringing it to Prescott Feb. 3 at the Public House, Feb. 9 at Lonesome Valley Brewing and Feb. 10 at the Raven Café. Admission is free.

Cast of “The Wit’s ShakesBeer” at Prescott Public House rehearsal

     “The Comedy of Errors” is a humorous play about family, mistaken identity and, sometimes, nonsense. Enough to drive you to drink. It’s a fun and lighthearted tale. Shakesbeer is performed in a bar and thus the actors partake in libations along with the audience. The group invites, even encourages people to join them and support local businesses and entertainment the greater Prescott area.

According a source close to the performance “this latest show has been challenging to cast. Although there is a lot of interest and support, we are looking for more people to become involved.” If you or someone you know is interested in being a part of this lively community, contact Kelsey Knudsen knudsenzone@gmail.com.

All and all, this show is around here to stay. Come see why!

The Comedy of Errors by William Shakespeare”

Sunday, February 3, 6pm

The Public House, 218 W. Gurley St, Prescott

Saturday, February 9, 6pm

Lonesome Valley Brewing, 3040 N Windsong Dr., Prescott Valley

Sunday, February 10, 6pm

The Raven Café, 142 N. Cortez St, Prescott


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