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  • A nice cave with a view

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    By Gene Twaronite Recently, I signed up for a DNA test at one of those ancestry sites. It was a little pricey, but the idea intrigued me. Since my family originated in Lithuania, I fancied there might be some kings or brave knights of old, or at least a wizard (vedlys) or two in my background. After sending in the usual saliva swab, I waited anxiously for the results. Months went by without a reply. Finally, I decided to call the company. I had to go through three different people before I was transferred to the head honcho. “Yes, Mr. Twaronite, we have your lab results here. You may want to sit down for this.” I did not like the sound of this. The last time someone used those words was when the police called to tell me that my stolen car had been located at the bottom of the La Brea tar pits. “Your ancestry is most unusual, Mr. Twaronite. In fact, we would like to perform some additional tests on you. If you give permission, you might even appear in a research paper. Would you be willing to come down to our office?” “Not until you tell me what’s going on. What do you mean unusual? Are my genes abnormal? Is there some kind of disease I should know about? Am I gonna die?” “No, you’re not going

  • Last cyber rites: Antivirus exhales death rattle

    By Paolo Chlebecek Antivirus “is dead.” So says Brian Dye, Symantec’s senior vice president for information security. It’s time to plan for the funeral. The war against viruses is still on, but we seem to be losing on some fronts. More and more, we see computers compromised in various ways that keep Antivirus manufactures on their collective toes. Sometimes it’s just an inconvenience. But once there’s an untreated threat on a computer it’s like inviting a bad person into your house: They’ll invite their bad friends, who probably are worse. This leaves the door open for more problems. In reality, no computer is completely safe from attack. Yes, even Mac and Linux computers can be infected. Antivirus products, however, aim to prevent hackers from getting into a computer. But hackers often get in anyway these days. Dye wants to redirect efforts at Symantec. This reflects a major shift in the $70-billion-a-year cybersecurity business. Rather than fighting to keep the bad guys out, new technologies assume hackers get in. Now the aim is to spot them and mitigate the damage. When antivirus software was in its infancy 16-or-so years ago, there were very few competitors in the antivirus market. Most antivirus companies back then had a limited staff whose job was to dissect new virus specimens as they emerged. Later, they’d write reports about these new nasties and ship “detection signatures”

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