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  • An alien gathering: Notes from the 2013 Roswell UFO Festival

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    Illustration, photos, & story by Dale O’Dell In 1947 something fell out of the sky and crashed near Roswell, New Mexico. It may’ve been an alien spacecraft, a weather balloon, or nothing at all, but its effect on the community was profound. That alleged UFO crash spawned an urban legend — and an economic boom — for Roswell. And so, 66 years after the whatever-it-was was hauled off and the alien bodies were put into deep-freeze, I arrived at the 2013 Roswell UFO Festival. Every Fourth of July weekend, the town holds its annual UFO festival. Main Street is shut down, the portable concert stage is set up, the vendors fill the street. Attendees are treated to costume contests, parades, and all sorts of alien-themed silliness. People come from all over the world to mix with morbidly obese Americans dressed as grey aliens and sweat in the 100-degree heat of the New Mexico Desert. A real heatstroke-hoot. Better drink some more alien juice and stay hydrated. The first event I attended was the alien pet costume contest held on the Civic Center lawn. Everybody loves seeing little dogs parade around in costumes that, while embarrassing to other dogs, make humans laugh. Name a better opportunity to spray paint Fido green and display the poor critter in front of 400 similarly dressed humans. The most appropriate dog to dress up in

  • [Photo Gallery] 2013 Buckey Awards for Excellence in the Arts

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    Photos by David Cottle. Read more about the 2013 Buckey Awards for Excellence in the Arts on the “Prescott Arts Beat” website. 2013-03-12 CORRECTION: One of the photos was mislabeled. The 2013 Outstanding Visual Artist is Linne Thomas. 5enses apologizes for the error

  • [Photo Gallery] Acker Night 2012

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    Photos by Nicholas DeMarino

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