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  • On the Walls: ‘Journeys in Spirit 2018’

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    By Robert Blood Bringing together artists from the Acoma, Apache, Choctaw, Dine’, Hopi, Yaqui, Yavapai, and Zuni cultures, “Journeys in Spirit 2018” is coming to ‘Tis Art Center & Gallery. The exhibit, which features native art in an array of mediums, runs May 17-June 19 and is co-presented with the Smoki Museum. But you can (and probably already did or should) read that in a press release. The exhibit, now in its ninth year, is great, but the real treat is a string of three days later in the month. First, 5-8 p.m. Friday, May 25 is the artists’ reception, where you can mingle with the men and women who created the pieces on display. Want to know about the interplay of traditional and contemporary influences? Come and ask the artists yourself. Then, beginning at noon on Saturday and Sunday, May 26 & 27, there’s hoop dancing and native flute music by Tony Duncan and his family at the ‘Tis Third Floor Banquet Hall. Admission’s free, but seating is limited, so pick up tickets at the ‘Tis main floor gallery after finishing reading this sentence. (I’ll wait … .) OK. Looks like you’re all set to enjoy this show in one of its many iterations. Enjoy!   ***** Visit “Journeys in Spirit 2018” May 17-June 19 at ‘Tis Art Center & Gallery, 105 S. Cortez St., 928-775-0223, TisArtGallery.Com. Opening reception

  • On the Walls: March 2018

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    By Robert Blood Regardless of your political and philosophical views, it’s hard to be against recycling (or, at least, unpopular; just ask Slavoj Žižek). Still, it’s easier to support such efforts than to actively take part in them. Enter Arts Prescott Cooperative Gallery. Launching March 23 with an artists’ reception during the 4th Friday Art Walk, “The 3 Rs Show: Recycle, Reuse, Reinvent!” features works by local artists who chose to use at least 50 percent recycled materials in their artistic creations. The exhibition showcases reusable materials and/or methods and includes co-op members and more than seven additional local Arizona artists. So, come see the fruits of these artists’ labors in their attempt to “take on a whole different mission than just using the blue bins each week.” The show runs through April 25, just past Earth Day, April 22. ***** Visit “The 3 Rs Show: Recycle, Reuse, Reinvent!” at Arts Prescott Cooperative Gallery, 134 S. Montezuma St., 928-776-7717, ArtsPrescott.Com. The artists’ reception and opening is 5-7 p.m. March 23 during the 4th Friday Art Walk. Robert Blood is a Mayer-ish-based freelance writer and ne’er-do-well who’s working on his last book, which, incidentally, will be his first. Contact him at BloodyBobby5@Gmail.Com

  • On the Walls: “Feeling the Effects: Photo Impressionism Explored”

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    By Robert Blood When you were in school, you probably learned the primary colors as blue, red, and yellow. That’s all well and good for kiddos, but it’s flat wrong when it comes to how printing, let alone light, works. If you’re starting with white (which is all colors), you subtract colors convergent on cyan, magenta, and yellow. If you’re starting with black (which is no colors), you add blue, red, and green. (Incidentally, there’s much more to this and, not coincidentally, cyan, magenta, and yellow are the opposites of blue, red, and green.) Why am I rambling on about colors like this? Well, it’s an apology because the amazing images on this page for the upcoming “Feeling the Effects: Photo Impressionism Explored” — which runs Feb. 15- March 13 at ‘Tis Art Center & Gallery, 105 S. Cortez St., 928-775-0223, TisArtGallery.Com — have been neutered by the printing process, which reduces colors to mixtures of cyan, magenta, and yellow (plus black) thus muting the more evocative end of the color spectrum. So, with apologies to the talented Susan Walshe — who’ll be on-site 5-7 p.m. for the Feb. 23 4th Friday Art Walk artist’s reception — here are some amazing impressionistic photos that pair 19th-century French artistic sensibilities with contemporary photo-shopping. ***** Visit “Feeling the Effects: Photo Impressionism Explored” at ‘Tis Art Center & Gallery, 105 S. Cortez St.,

  • On the Walls: ‘STEPS Art Education Program Student Exhibit’

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    By Robert Blood You know who really gets art? Kids. Without the intellectual baggage of pre- and post- -isms and -ologies, they’re able to approach just about any medium with a fresh eye and creativity void of affectation or pretense. But, like anyone learning a new skill, some direction is helpful if not outright necessary. You can argue about raw talent all you want, but who couldn’t use more tools in their tool box, right? Enter the STEPS Art Education Program via ‘Tis Art Center & Gallery. Launched in 2011, the program has grown and now caters free art lessons to 5- to 16-year-olds. Class sizes are limited to maximize teacher-student interaction, and the program often draws a waiting list. Instruction varies from class to class, and many art educators use a variety of methods and approaches to encourage exploratory learning. Curious to see more? Well, you can see art by the fall 2017 coterie on display at ‘Tis in the Mezzanine Gallery, 105 S. Cortez St. You can even meet some of the budding artists noon-2 p.m. Saturday, Jan. 6 during an artists’ reception. If you think these artists are just kidding around, you’re in for quite a surprise. ***** Visit the “STEPS Art Education Program Student Exhibit” Jan. 5-16 at ‘Tis Art Center & Gallery, 105 S. Cortez St., 928-775-0223, TisArtGallery.Com. The artists’ reception is noon-2 p.m. Saturday,

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