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  • Film For Thought:Making a Leap By Mikki Russ

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    Prescott-based writer Mikki Russ shared with 5enses how she came to her newest venture: “Out to Lunch,” an upcoming film featuring another local, performer and 1970s singing sensation Toni Tennille. By Mikki Russ         When I decided to do this film, I hadn’t decided to do this film.      Let me backup. My friend Mike introduced me to Toni Tennille. THE Toni Tennille from Captain and Tennille! Mike meets for coffee about once a week with his friend group, and I tagged along. I am decidedly not a morning person.      “This is my friend Mikki,” Mike said to Toni. “She’s a playwright.”      Now he wasn’t wrong. I had written a few short plays for various reasons, in a handful of settings. But he wasn’t exactly right either. I had no large, glitzy production under my belt. I had written a short play that was featured in the Female Playwrights Festival, as a semi-finalist, two years prior. I had been a featured playwright for the Protest Plays Project with a three-month residency. I was proud of those things for sure, but still…      There it hung. “My friend Mikki … the playwright.”      Toni radiates sunshine. It just embraces you. She pulled out a chair and sidled up next to me. “Nice to meet you. You know what you should write? A play

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