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  • Moon dance: The total solar eclipse of 2017 comes to Prescott (and, you know, everywhere else in the U.S.)

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    By James Dungeon The last time it happened was Feb. 26, 1979. It’s been more than 38 years since that event: a total solar eclipse visible across the contiguous U.S. And, on Monday, Aug. 21, you can see it again — hey, stop staring: that’s the Sun! — from right here in good ol’ Prescott. The partial eclipse lasts two to three hours, though it won’t reach totality here. Prescott’s zenith is a 75 percent eclipse around 10:30 a.m. There’s a deluge of information about the eclipse online, but if you want to experience some local flair, you’d be hard-pressed to find a better gathering than that hosted by the Prescott Astronomy Club. From 9 a.m. through noon, at the Civic Center Amphitheater, 7501 E. Civic Circle, in P.V., there’ll be presentations, displays, hands-on activities, and more. Below, Adam England, publicity coordinator for the Prescott Astronomy Club, shares some info about the event. ***** What does the Prescott Astronomy Club have in store for the solar eclipse? The event, itself, is 9 a.m.-noon on Monday, Aug. 21. There’ll be presentations. One is from members of the Prescott Astronomy Clubs with telescopes with filters so people can view the Sun and Moon in real time. There’s also a local photography club who’ll show how to safely photograph the sun before, during, and after an eclipse, as well as any other time,

  • The main drag: The ladies (& gent) of 4 A.M. Production’s ‘Drag Time’

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    By Robert Blood We here at 5enses have lobbied pretty hard for drag as medium in Prescott. We’ve talked to queens, interviewed the event organizer, and just, in general, tried to get the word out. You know what people really respond to, though? Pictures. And, girl, do we have pictures for you today. And, oh yeah, there’s another drag show coming up. … Drag Time • 7 & 9 p.m. Aug. 18 & 19: 4AM Productions presents “Drag Time,” hosted by Aimee V Justice with the talents of DeeJay Galaxy, Piper M Shay, and CoCo St. James. (Prescott Center for the Arts Stage Too, alley between Cortez and Marina streets behind Prescott Center for the Arts, 208 N. Marina St., DragTime.BPT.ME, $15 advance, $20 door) Plus, a special message from 4AM Productions: “With the success of the shows and the support of the Prescott Center for the Arts, the amazing, talented Phoenix drag community, Greater Yavapai LGBTQ Coalition, and the volunteer crew of 4AM Productions, we are proud to be announcing we will be adding plays and other events. Make sure to follow us on Facebook and our new website 4AMProductions.Net for up and coming events and shows.”

  • Moon the Sun: A pretty pair of ecliptic poems

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    By William Topaz McGonagall “The Beautiful Sun” Beautiful Sun! with thy golden rays, To God, the wise Creator, be all praise; For thou nourisheth all the creation, Wherever there is found to be animation. Without thy heat we could not live, Then praise to God we ought to give; For thou makest the fruits and provisions to grow, To nourish all creatures on earth below. Thou makest the hearts of the old feel glad, Likewise the young child and the lad, And the face of Nature to look green and gay, And the little children to sport and play. Thou also givest light unto the Moon, Which certainly is a very great boon To all God’s creatures here below, Throughout the world where’er they go. How beautiful thou look’st on a summer morn, When thou sheddest thy effulgence among the yellow corn, Also upon lake, and river, and the mountain tops, Whilst thou leavest behind the most lovely dewdrops! How beautiful thou seem’st in the firmament above, As I gaze upon thee, my heart fills with love To God, the great Creator, Who has placed thee there, Who watches all His creatures with an eye of care! Thou makest the birds to sing on the tree, Also by meadow, mountain, and lea; And the lark high poised up in air, Carolling its little song with its heart free from care

  • Stoned: Our obsession with rocks and gemstones

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    By Lesley Aine McKeown Who hasn’t walked a beach and come back with a pocket full of shells, or schlepped a five-pound rock back from a hike just because it was cool? We’re drawn to pretty things, unusual things, things with a story. To understand the natural world and possess a piece of it is what motivates us to collect rocks, gemstones and ultimately the jewelry made with these things. When Elizabeth I sanctioned privateers to loot Spanish ships off the English coast, it wasn’t to simply to gather loot, rather to find a single pearl called La Pelegrina, a betrothal gift to her sister Mary from Prince Phillip of Spain. On Mary’s death the pearl was returned to Spain, but Elizabeth had to have it, even at the risk of war. This desire to possess something unique, to the point of obsession, can drive any of us. It’s important to our nature, even instinctive. As a child, I’d often go with my parents down to the limestone cliffs by the Missouri River to search for crinoids, the stem of a fossilized mammal that looked like beads, round and plainly once alive. This fascinated me, quite possibly sparking the lifelong obsession with collecting rocks and gems that I’ve been able to turn into a business. Want to buy a gemstone? Looking for a specimen? Fascinated with fossils? Attending a gem

  • Rock enrolled: Prescott Gem & Mineral Show returns for 14th outing

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    By James Dungeon Rocks are pretty darn cool. That’s a pretty soft sell for the Prescott Gem & Mineral Club’s 14th annual show — the practically eponymous Prescott Gem & Mineral Show — but, it’s not a particularity hard event to sell. Come look at some neat looking rocks from around the state and around the globe. Lots of them are pretty. Maybe buy some and take them home and look at them some more, or turn them into jewelry. Whatever your thing is, really. Seriously. It’s rocks. And rocks are cool. The Prescott Gem & Mineral Show is 9 a.m.-5 p.m. Aug. 4th & 5th and 9 a.m.-4 p.m. Aug. 6 at the Prescott Valley Event Center, 3201 Main St., 928-772-1819. Tickets are $5 for adults, $4 for seniors, vets, and students, and free for children under 12. Linda Loschke, a board member and previous president of the Prescott Gem & Mineral Club, discusses this year’s show. Find out more at PrescottGemMineral.Org. Can you give us an overview of the event? We have more than 50 vendors who come and sell their different items. Some have beads, but it’s mostly rock-related cabochons. There’s cut and polished jewelry as well as unfinished specimens. We have a raffle, a kids activity area, geode cutting, and other demonstrations, but the main event is really the vendors who come and sell rock-related items

  • Artfully giving back: Les Femmes des Montage return with 13th annual show

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    By Robert Blood [Editor’s note: The following interview was culled from conversations between the reporter and Barb Wills of Les Femmes des Montage. The 13th annual Les Femmes des Montage show is 10 a.m.-4 p.m. Saturday, July 8 in the Hassayampa Inn’s Marina Room, 122 E. Gurley St. Find out more at LesFemmesDesMontage.Weebly.Com.] What’s the origin of Les Femmes des Montage? This is a group of female artists that originally started out as teachers who donated 10 percent of their sales to art programs in elementary schools. Over the years, it’s evolved into a group of eight or nine women and we work with a nonprofit and we also donate 10 percent of our sales to that group. Why an all-women group? That’s just how the group started out. It was a group of art teachers and it just happened to be a group that was all women. We liked the name Les Femmes des Montage and figured if we were going to keep the name, we should probably keep the group all female. We do have guest artists every year, though, and have had males in that spot. So the group was all-female because of circumstance. Still, does the group’s makeup affect the art in any way? I think that just by our nature of being all woman, we come at art with a different esthetic. There are probably

  • Screen time: Prescott Film Festival returns for eighth run

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    By James Dungeon Has it really been eight years since Helen Stephenson launched the Prescott Film Festival? (Hint: Yes, it has.) This year’s event is June 9-17 — a longer, leaner week bolstered by two jam-packed weekends, plus an assortment of special events, workshops, and student films. You can find screen times and purchase tickets at PrescottFilmFestival.Com, but if you’re reading this you’re either looking for more info or want some context. So, here goes. … Everyone loves big, dumb blockbusters. They’re fun. And exciting. But small independent films have heart and soul. And, hey, some of them are fun and exciting, too. (Some of them are also big and dumb, but that’s neither here nor there.) Heart-warming or heart-wrenching, cerebral or emotive, an indie film has the power to move you. It can broaden your horizons or provide a refuge of escapism. It can challenge your world view or suggest a new facet of perspective. See all of those aphorisms? Films are so varied and effective that you can string all those trite expressions in a row and they still retain currency. That’s the power of film. But don’t take my word for it. Here, for your consideration, are some musings on the Prescott Film Festival from the reviewers and programmers who watched dozens and dozens of films in anticipation of the annual event to help cull the proverbial

  • ‘Usually they’re just fun & whimsical’: The art (and gallery) of Sean Goté

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    By James Dungeon A stoic Easter Island idol, a mesmerizing wind turner, a classic Greek statue — there’s something everywhere at Sean Goté Gallery. And that’s just the outside. Inside, the doors to the building on 702 W. Gurley St. yield to a cavernous room filled with more treasures. Here a life-size lion. There a bust of Dante. And then there are the paintings. From realistic ravens to imaginative mountains to … is that Sideshow Bob/Mayor Terwilliger?! Sean Goté Gallery hasn’t been in Prescott that long, but its eclectic, stylized art and décor is already making an impression. Owner and resident artist Sean Hart discusses how he and his wife, Dolores, came to Prescott and reflects on painting, commerce, and community. … Sean Goté Gallery seems to have just materialized out of nowhere. How long has it been here and where were you before this? We actually purchased the building in September two years ago. We’ve been here for a year and a half and officially opened in November of last year. We had a gallery-slash-bar-slash-restaurant in Laramie, Wyoming for 20 years prior to this. I’m Wyoming born-and-bred from a little town of 1,800 people in Big Horn County called Greybull. Dolores, my wife, is from Texas. Why move to Prescott? And why this building? After 20 years of Laramie winters my wife said we were no longer doing winters

  • A table at the place: Senses enriches foodie life in Prescott

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    By James Dungeon [Editor’s note: The following interview was culled from conversations between the reporter and Chef John Panza and Pastry Chef Cassandra Hankison, the team behind Senses. Visit Senses online via Facebook or SquareUp.Com/Store/Senses. Reach out by emailing SensesLLCInfo@Gmail.Com or texting SENSES to 22828.] What is it that Senses is and does? Panza: There’s three parts to what we do. We do popup dinners in and around Prescott, restaurant takeovers, and in-home dining experiences. The popup dinners are probably the most unique event we do. You purchase tickets to the meal without knowing where it is or what you’ll be eating. Twenty-four hours in advance, we disclose the location and the menu and let you know if it’s BYOB and things like that. When you arrive at the event, it’s up to 30 people all seated family style at a big table. It’s dinner and a show — I’m out in front and talk about the meal and there’ll be Q-and-As. It’s very intimate and very interactive. Some of the places we’ve done that have been the Groom Creek Schoolhouse and Studio 12, which is a photo studio, and the Thumb Butte Ramada in the Prescott National Forest. For the restaurant takeovers, you know a little bit more about it, specifically where it’s at. We work with small businesses and adopt our menu and meal to them. It’s not

  • A matter of record(s): TRAX Records returns to Prescott three decades later

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    By Robert Blood The interior of TRAX Records looks exactly like what you’d expect from a small-town indie vinyl shop. The walls are lined with classic and new records beneath which runs row after row of LPs. A central island is buoyed by CDs, and, in the corner, rests an assortment of record players, concert DVDs, and various music-related errata. It’s cozy and unassuming. The music playing over the stereo is familiar and behind the counter stands a friendly guy who looks a bit like Paul McCartney. Often clad in a band T-shirt, sometimes donning a suit coat, he’s all smiles and is, naturally, excited to talk about music. TRAX Records has been at 234 S. Montezuma St. since November of 2016, but longtime Prescott residents might think it sounds a bit too familiar. Owner Daryl Halleck talks about his store’s storied history. … How long have you been in Prescott and how long has TRAX Records been here? Trax Records has been here since November of last year. I’ve been here since 1986, so that was 31 years in March. It’s all come full circle for me. When I first came to Prescott it was for a summer to visit family and I fell in love with it. I loved the downtown, I loved the courthouse, which looked a lot like the clock tower from “Back to the Future,”

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