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  • May Cover: PCA’s “Hunchback of Notre Dame”

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    By Ed Mickens   Prescott Center for the Arts will close out its 2018-19 season with a blockbuster: The Hunchback of Notre Dame. The show runs from May 30 to June 16 on the PCA main stage, which is, perhaps appropriately, a converted church. Don Langford, whose previous credits include Les Miserable and Sweeney Todd, directs a cast of 36 in this beautiful production based on Victor Hugo’s classic 1831 tale. This stage version is adapted from the 1996 Disney animated film, with its Academy Award-nominated score, and includes new songs with music by Alan Menken and lyrics by Stephen Schwartz. What makes a monster and what makes a man? How do each of us address the inner struggles that are common to all mankind? Questions like these are posed throughout the story of Hunchback. They are what drew Langford to the show, along with an operatic score that combines beautifully with the grand themes of the story. Langford says, “Menken and Schwartz’s songs and lyrics are delivered in a classical style that will appeal to both Broadway musical buffs and fans of the classics alike.” The show features 14 Congregants who play multiple roles, plus six principals, including the very talented Jeremy Zuhlke as Quasimodo, Leah Morales as Esmeralda, and Darrell Rowader as Claude Frolo, along with a 17-member choir. One of those choir members, Linda Rowader is a

  • Global Stilt Congress: Board the Citizen Ship at Arcosanti

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    By Jay Ruby   “Citizen Ship: The Legislation” will make its public debut at Arcosanti on May 31 and June 1, as the culminating performance of the 2019 Global Stilt Congress. Performers will include Prescott’s Carpetbag Brigade theatre troupe and stilt walkers from around the world who have been studying at Arcosanti for two weeks during Global Stilt Congress. This experimental “Citizen Ship” will explore what constitutes membership within the franchise of our society. Its language will be acrobatic stilts, the spoken word poetry of KJ Miner and Leah Marche, and the banjo music of 19th century American songwriter Stephen Foster, as interpreted by musician Steven Ayers. Global Stilt Congress is a gathering hosted annually by The Carpetbag Brigade at Arcosanti’s experimental urban laboratory. The unique architecture of the site serves as a high-desert arena for stilt-oriented performers and practitioners from around the world. They come together for two weeks to exchange skills, develop craft, and strengthen our community and network. Creating a vocabulary of exchange beyond the realm of verbal language allows for deep artistic interaction. During Global Stilt Congress, invited teachers and directors share their techniques, compositional strategies and life experiences through classes, lectures, and a culminating, site-specific performance project. The Carpetbag Brigade applies acrobatic stilts as a medium to engage artists from diverse cultures in collaborative process resulting in unique cross-cultural projects. The group started in Prescott in

  • Mary Poppins Coming to Yavapai College Performing Art Center

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    By Kennan King and Adriana Hurtado “Winds in the east, there’s a mist coming in, like something is brewing, about to begin,” sings Bert, the charismatic chimney sweep, in the opening lines of one of Walt Disney’s most successful and popular musical movies ever, Mary Poppins. Sure enough, something is brewing, as Mary Poppins: The Musical blows onto Yavapai College’s stage April 5-7. With a talented cast, a Tony Award-winning script, and timeless Disney magic, this production will delight audiences of all ages. Director Nanette Hofer, associate professor of musical theatre at YC, is joyfully at the helm. “The story centers around the Banks family, who live at Number 17, Cherry Tree Lane, London in 1910. Mr. and Mrs. Banks are involved with the demands of daily life and cannot give their children, Jane and Michael, the attention they need. Jane and Michael, in turn, are misbehaving to get attention, which results in their current nanny quitting. Enter Mary Poppins, the ‘practically perfect’ nanny, who teaches with magic and a good dose of plunk. She bonds with the children as no other nanny has.” Hofer continues, “When Mary suddenly leaves the position and mother Winifred hires George’s childhood nanny to take on the job, it sends George and the children fleeing from the comforts of their home. The absence of Mary Poppins becomes more valuable than ever, and the family

  • Inter Section Solo Festival: Stories of Now and Past Offer a Key for Trailblazing the Future

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        By Jay Ruby   The Sam Hill Warehouse was Prescott’s original depot for the exchange of goods and stories, back when the railroad was the crucial link between the frontier and civilization beyond. Nowadays, material goods mostly arrive by truck, and communications come electronically, but the revamped depot, a Prescott cultural landmark for the past two decades, remains a local, vital center for the ideas and tales that help us shape the future ahead. The new frontier, if you will. Appropriately, the Sam Hill Warehouse will be the site for Inter•Section•Solo, a new festival of solo performance in Prescott hosted by The Carpetbag Brigade. This two-day event (March 29th and 30th) celebrates the art of intimate storytelling with theater, dance and spoken word. Inter•Section•Solo engages performance artists and poets to share well-crafted stories from across the spectrum of human experience that invigoratingly question our traditions and identity. Inter•Section•Solo is an opportunity to live inside the odd questions and memories that resonate through time in the territorial outpost of Sam Hill Warehouse. How did Johnny Appleseed sell cider mash? What was it like to dance inside the circled wagons on the Oregon trail? Was Eve upset about being made from a rib? Where is the wall along the Mason-Dixon line? Are today’s pioneers dancing in a club? Or herding sheep in the desert? Or both? What’s the difference between

  • Inter Section Solo Festival: Questioning Tradition

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    Inter•Section•Solo Festival Questioning Tradition Saturday, March 30, 7:00 pm Tickets Available at   Poet: Milta Ortiz • Performer: Delisa Myles Milta Ortiz is now a Tucson poet/playwright/performer, whose bicultural reality and immigrant experience shapes the way she sees the world. It has become her superpower as an artist. She’s trained as a playwright formally, with an MFA degree from Northwestern University, as a performance artist in the Bay Area experimental theatre scene, and as a poet in Bay Area slams. She is Associate Artistic director at Borderlands Theater. Poet: Leah Marche • Performer: Jay Ruby Leah Marche has co-founded or founded several arts & culture organizations (BlackPoet Ventures, L!VE POET!C, Storyscope) and campaigns/events (Black Poetry Day, WE JAZZ JUNE, Black Horizons Festival). The Phoenix native also co-produces the JAZZmeetsPOETRY series at The Nash. Listed among Phoenix New Times’ 100 Creatives, the freelance graphic designer is a board member of Roosevelt Row Community Development Corporation. Wagon Tracks • Performed by Delisa Myles “Wagon Tracks” examines matrilineal Mormon ancestry and its relationship to the oppressed feminine body. Rivers within us entwine stories of ancestral westward migration and inward descent into deep memory. Inheritance and underworld, blood and water, create the matrix for a new kind of baptism. A body is on its way to becoming a new body. Life is full of cocoons. “I have been traversing the spirals of dance, healing

  • Inter Section Solo Festival: Questioning Identity

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    Inter•Section•Solo Festival Questioning Identity Friday, March 29, 7:00 pm Tickets Available at   Poet Dan Seaman • Performer Christopher Mankowski Dan Seaman has been writing poetry for 50 years and has publicly performed to a wide variety of audiences throughout the Southwest since 1997. He was host, performer, and co-organizer of the Arcosanti Arizona Statewide Slam Poetry Festival for all 7 years it occurred. He currently is working on a Literary Legacy Project of video and audio productions of his writings.       Poet KJ Miner • Performer Daniela de Guzman KJ Miner is one part small-town boy, two parts city folk. Born in Colorado, raised in Arizona, but grew up more in the 8 years he lived in Thailand than all the years before. He’s been a writer and teacher for many years, but more recently stepped into the world of performance poetry, driven by the need to do more and the desire to shake the silly world awake. Silence will no longer suffice.     Eve’s Revenge • Performed by Christopher Mankowski Eve’s Revenge explores androgyny as a symbol for human spiritual potential and evolution. The performance dissects the paradox of gender identity at the forefront of socio-political discourse with nitty gritty details. “I am dedicated to art and ritual as a means to transformation through psychological, social and spiritual dialogue.” –Christopher Mankowski     What is

  • Yavapai College Performing Arts Shows for March 2019

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    By Michael Grady If you’re looking for entertainment and crave the “same old-same old,” your best bet is to put this magazine down, stand absolutely still…and another Spiderman sequel will be along in a few minutes. If, however, you’re looking for something that offers a bit of surprise, Yavapai College is throwing plenty of fantasy, comedy, glitz and grace around – in Prescott and Sedona. Take a look…   Aquila Theatre Company A Midsummer Night’s Dream Tuesday, March 5, 7 p.m. Tickets start at $26 “Lord, what fools these mortals be!” Puck, A Midsummer Night’s Dream’s primary troublemaker, declares at one point. And he’s right: people behave horribly during Midsummer. Especially where love is concerned. What Midsummer may be is the world’s first rom-com. If you think “Shakespeare” is all wordy, dark and pretentious, Midsummer is a refreshing change. Hermia and Lysander meet in the forest to elope in defiance of the Duke. At the same time, a rift in the fairy kingdom sets … oh, who cares? Love is making people crazy. They collide like hormone-driven bumper cars, and hijinks ensue before the morning sets it right. It’s a story that spins on broad physical humor and precise comic timing … the sort of thing at which Aquila Theatre Company excels. The New York-based theatre company, hailed as “excellent” by The New York Times and “magical” by Backstage, has

  • Four Women Out of Hand

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    [Editor Notes:Later this month, as part of its ongoing dedication to the promotion of local contemporary art, Thumb Butte Distillery will host “Four Women Out of Hand,” an exhibit featuring recent work from Prescott artists Suzanne Justice, Rita Toikka, Holly Nelson, and Brandelyn Andres. 5enses asked one of those artists, who is also a professor of art history at Yavapai College, to tell us what to expect when this highly anticipated show opens on February 22.] By Brandelyn Andres “Four Women Out of Hand” is comprised of candid, powerful, provocative personal testaments, articulated through image and object, that addresses emotions and experiences that most can readily identify with. The result is an investigation – shared simultaneously by artist and viewer – into the realities that are frequently glossed over by the artificial nature of social media and the implied social regulations that dictate “appropriate” conduct. Increasing cultural pressures encourage us to carefully curate the ways that we present and perform our lives, with all of its facets – from the mundane to the deeply personal – now available for public scrutiny. The themes that “Four Women Out of Hand” present function as advocacy: to encourage the authenticity that is critical for meaningful interactions with one another. If the private is now considered public, we may as well be honest about the gritty actualities of life. As constructs of gender receive increasing

  • Vagina Monologues Q&A with Heidi Hampton

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    5enses talks with director Heidi Hampton about the play that’s empowering the women of Yavapai County, again. Mona Stephens sat down with Heidi Hampton, the woman behind The Vagina Monologues in Prescott, told us about this year’s show, what the production is all about, what you have been missing, and how you can experience it for yourself, in a just few weeks. By Mona Stephens  The Vagina Monologues is coming to Prescott next month. What is it and who started it? The Vagina Monologues is kind of a movement, started by Eve Ensler in 1996. It’s a collection of monologues: one-person pieces and ensembles pieces that mostly deal with women’s issues. It started as a one-woman-show, Off-Broadway, that aired on HBO. It was just Eve and a mic, standing as she went through all the monologues. The issues the monologues cover run the gamut. One is the story of a Bosnian rape camp survivor. But some of them are fun and original, there are a lot of those. It’s all about women: the good, the bad and the ugly. When did you first hear about the Vagina Monologues and get involved? I auditioned for another play in 2008 and it was my, you know, “big return to the stage.” I thought I could do it and, well, I didn’t get the part. But I did backstage stuff and was the

  • The Beauty of Blackness: The Black Arts Festival

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    By Ed Mickens     Think cultural life in Prescott comes in only one color? Think again. A full-day celebration on Sunday, February 24, will highlight and explore some of the richly creative expressions of being black, here in the Prescott area and around the world. There will be music, dance, theatre, photography and poetry. Presentations on the history of African-American art, and on the role art has played in healing within the community. There will be a table for children to practice the painting of traditional images and symbols. There will be jewelry and handcrafted dashikis, as well as a look at the more distinctly modern, urban artform of skating.      The opening ceremony at 11am should set the tone memorably: a welcome and intention by Mama Charlotte, the American-born poet, musician and activist who has lived the past four decades in Tanzania. And as the day approaches closing at 6pm, renowned gospel singer Nicosia Garrison will take the floor and rouse the spirit.      The Festival is presented by Prescott UMOJA (“Unity”), a growing, grass-roots network of black people in the greater Prescott area. “We didn’t want to limit ourselves by defining art forms, or how black people express themselves creatively,” says Brittini Ward, one of the Festival organizers. “We want to show that blackness isn’t binary—it’s across the board. And the message we want to

Celebrating art and science in Greater Prescott.

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