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  • Four Women Out of Hand

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    [Editor Notes:Later this month, as part of its ongoing dedication to the promotion of local contemporary art, Thumb Butte Distillery will host “Four Women Out of Hand,” an exhibit featuring recent work from Prescott artists Suzanne Justice, Rita Toikka, Holly Nelson, and Brandelyn Andres. 5enses asked one of those artists, who is also a professor of art history at Yavapai College, to tell us what to expect when this highly anticipated show opens on February 22.] By Brandelyn Andres “Four Women Out of Hand” is comprised of candid, powerful, provocative personal testaments, articulated through image and object, that addresses emotions and experiences that most can readily identify with. The result is an investigation – shared simultaneously by artist and viewer – into the realities that are frequently glossed over by the artificial nature of social media and the implied social regulations that dictate “appropriate” conduct. Increasing cultural pressures encourage us to carefully curate the ways that we present and perform our lives, with all of its facets – from the mundane to the deeply personal – now available for public scrutiny. The themes that “Four Women Out of Hand” present function as advocacy: to encourage the authenticity that is critical for meaningful interactions with one another. If the private is now considered public, we may as well be honest about the gritty actualities of life. As constructs of gender receive increasing

  • The Beauty of Blackness: The Black Arts Festival

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    By Ed Mickens     Think cultural life in Prescott comes in only one color? Think again. A full-day celebration on Sunday, February 24, will highlight and explore some of the richly creative expressions of being black, here in the Prescott area and around the world. There will be music, dance, theatre, photography and poetry. Presentations on the history of African-American art, and on the role art has played in healing within the community. There will be a table for children to practice the painting of traditional images and symbols. There will be jewelry and handcrafted dashikis, as well as a look at the more distinctly modern, urban artform of skating.      The opening ceremony at 11am should set the tone memorably: a welcome and intention by Mama Charlotte, the American-born poet, musician and activist who has lived the past four decades in Tanzania. And as the day approaches closing at 6pm, renowned gospel singer Nicosia Garrison will take the floor and rouse the spirit.      The Festival is presented by Prescott UMOJA (“Unity”), a growing, grass-roots network of black people in the greater Prescott area. “We didn’t want to limit ourselves by defining art forms, or how black people express themselves creatively,” says Brittini Ward, one of the Festival organizers. “We want to show that blackness isn’t binary—it’s across the board. And the message we want to

  • [Art Gallery] Art Confidential: In the studio with Dana Cohn

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    Check out Prescott-based artist Dana Cohn’s paintings (and inked drawing) below. ***** Click here to read about Dana Cohn. Click here to visit his website

  • [Art Gallery] Pixel Pong & Digital Surrealism: The Art of Dale O’Dell

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    Check out Prescott-based artist Dale O’Dell’s digital artwork below. ***** Click here to read about O’Dell. Click here to visit his website

  • [Art Gallery] The colors & the shapes: The art of Charles Conrardy

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    Check out Prescott-based artist Charles Conrardy’s mixed media work below. (Fine art photography by Alan Lade.) ***** Click here to read about Conrardy. Click here to read what others are saying about Conrardy’s work and share your take on it

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