Awakenings: Danna Templeman January 2019

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By Danna Templeman

2019 is coming in hot with all the drama of 2018. Things are feeling tumultuous and uneasy for most of us, from politics to the global crises of pollution and global warming. We seem to have a lot of worries and anxiety at this turn of the calendar.

All is not lost. The amazing shifts happening in the community of “woke folks” are simply amazing. This awakening gives us hope for the future. Our sixth sense is opening and blossoming like a beautiful flower. It is happening all around us in all walks of life.

The choice is ours to take notice of the gentle cues of awakening. If we allow ourselves to grow and acknowledge the information being given to us, the possibilities open to a new chapter in our lives. It may be as simple as déjà vû: having that familiar feeling of being in this place before, knowing it is a memory or dream we have brought forth from the past.

Serendipitous moments are also a sign of awakening. When it seems too perfect, too magical not to notice the situation unfolding in front of you, take a moment or two to appreciate the magic the universe is giving you.

Many people are feeling their own empathic abilities heightened. This can be a blessing and a curse. Being empathic opens us up to feeling others’ emotions, illnesses, or discomfort. Unfortunately, many empaths do not recognize they are feeling someone else’s vibration. Walk into a room and you suddenly feel uneasy or sad (but you were fine before you came in); that is most likely someone else you are picking up. Throughout the day I check in with myself to understand if this is my emotion or someone else’s. it may be my sister in Seattle, or the person sitting next to me. I put my hand on my heart and tune in. I find this very useful in staying grounded and making sure I’m not taking on things that are not my responsibility.

Many people are choosing to exit this lifetime by drugs or suicide. Suicide rates are rising, as are drug overdoses. People are going through pain that seems insurmountable, and they can’t imagine staying here anymore. Suicide and drug addiction feel like the easy way out to many but, in reality, it is the ultimate sacrifice for the person doing it and the people who love them. Many survivors feel guilty they didn’t do enough, love enough or stop their loved one from hurting themselves. The person that chooses to exit in this way has more pain than we can imagine. If you’re feeling deep sadness and despair, reach out to friends, family, or suicide prevention outlets. No issue is worth the ultimate choice. Life is meant to be lived! Learning, growing and helping others! Each and every one of us brings our own special gifts to share with the world.

The collective consciousness is on high alert. There are strong Schumann resonances of electromagnetic energies that are making us feel woozy, dizzy, nauseous, anxious, and tired. The best way to deal with this phenomenon is to drink lots of water, eat fresh raw vegetables and fruit, and rest when your body needs it. Check in with yourself and ask, “What do I need to feel my best self?” Listen to your inner knowing. Smile and acknowledge all the wonderful gifts you have around you. This new year, this new chapter will be what you make it.


For help or someone to talk to Call Suicide Hotline @ 18002738255


Danna Templeman has 20-plus years’ experience as a psychic and medium. Danna studies the effects of solar flares, and planetary alignments, the collective consciousness and shares her findings in her energy reports. You can reach Danna by email at

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