Ancient rock art of the American West: A case of unnecessary endangerment

May 4, 18 • 5enses, FeatureNo Comments

Photos by Dale O’Dell

Many of these petroglyphs are no longer protected.

Find out more at DaleODell.Blogspot.Com.


Read Dale O’Dell’s blog post about these images and the larger political and cultural issues surrounding them at DaleODell.Blogspot.Com.

See more of Dale O’Dell’s photography and digital art at DalePhoto.Com. Contribute to his “Documentary Photography of Rock Art” project via GoFundMe at GoFundMe.Com/documentary-photography-of-rock-art. O’Dell is this month’s featured artist at Arts Prescott Cooperative Gallery, 134 S. Montezuma St., 928-776-7717, and his new work, “Southwestern POP Impressionism,” featuring petroglyphs, is on display through May 23. Find out more at ArtsPrescott.Com.

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