A class of their own: Sean Goté Gallery hangs Dutton abstracts & local bronzes

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By Robert Blood

The name Allen A. Dutton should ring a bell. His black-and-white photography of Arizona landscapes and surreal photo montages are — platitudes be damned — vibrant, vital, and evocative. Despite a plethora of shows and works in other mediums, you may not have had the chance to see his abstract painting work or his fleeting but masterful bronze work. Now through the end of 2017, though, you can remedy that thanks to a show at Sean Goté Gallery.

And, while you’re there, why not take in some of the jaw-droppingly masterful bronzes of Bronzesmith Fine Art foundry and Gallery. The “Bronzesmith Collection,” which runs alongside the Dutton show, features foundry proofs by the likes of Kim Obrzut, Larry Yazzie, and Oreland Joe, among others.

To put it mildly, it’s a heck of a pairing.


Visit Sean Goté Gallery at 702 W. Gurley St., 928-445-2323, 11 a.m.-6 p.m. Tuesday through Saturday, SeanGote.Com. The Allen A. Dutton and Bronzesmith fine Art Foundry and Art Gallery show hangs through the end of 2017. Find out more at BronzesSmith.Com.

Robert Blood is a Mayer-ish-based freelance writer and ne’er-do-well who’s working on his last book, which, incidentally, will be his first. Contact him at BloodyBobby5@Gmail.Com.

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