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By Markoff Chaney

It’s 2 a.m. and you’re reading a Wikipedia entry entitled “List of people who have declined a British honour.”

Wait — how’d you get here? Weren’t you looking for info about how telescopes work? And what’s Sir Alfred Hitchcock doing on a list of people who’ve rejected the title?!

As someone or other once said, “everything’s connected … especially on Wikipedia.” There’s a (practically) endless source of (partially vetted, mostly true) information just a few swipes and/or clicks away.

But where to begin? How about at home, right here in Prescott. Using the Wikipedia article on “Prescott, Arizona” as your starting point, you can take a tour of tangentially related art, science, history, philosophy, economics, and even the film career of Christopher Lee.

Tribes, plants, & seaman

1. Yavapai-Prescott Tribe

2. Indian Reorganization Act

3. John Collier

4. John Collier Jr.

5. San Francisco Art Institute

6. Dogpatch, San Francisco

7. Dogfennel (links to Anthemis)

8. Cultivar

9. Plant Breeders

10. Genetically Modified Food Controversies

11. Greenpeace

12. Sailormongering

Public domain.

History, slurs, & fast food economics

1. Arizona Territory

2. Gadsden Purchase

3. Franklin Pierce

4. Historical rankings of presidents of the United States

5. James Buchanan

6. Doughface

7. Arthur M. Schlesinger Jr.

8. Imperial presidency

9. Economic globalization

10. Cultural globalization

11. Big Mac Index

12. KFC Index

Pros, prose, & political advisors

1. Red-light district

2. Akasen

3. Kafu Nagai

4. Bungo (links to Classical Japanese language)

5. Vowel stem verbs (links to Japanese consonant and vowel verbs)

6. Phoneme

7. Chereme (liks to Cherology)

8. William Stokoe

9. Gallaudet University

10. Amos Kendall

11. Kitchen Cabinet

12. Ginger group

H.P. Lovecraft, 1915. Public domain.

Science fiction, science non-fiction, & horror

1. List of people from Prescott Arizona

2. Alan Dean Foster

3. Thranx (links to List of Humanx Commonwealth races)

4. Chitin

5. Defense mechanisms (links to Plant defense of against herbivory)

6. Secondary metabolite

7. Volatiles

8. Moon

9. Diana

10. Georges Dumézil

11. Mythography (links to Mythology)

12. H.P. Lovecraft

Foods, trips, & conversations with god

1. Gingerbread

2. Nutmeg

3. Deliriant

4. Henbane

5. Oracle

6. Snake goddess (links to Minoan snake goddess figurines)

7. Mistress of animals (links to Potnia Theron)

8. Çatalhöyük

9. Skulls were plastered (links to Plastered human skulls)

10. Ancestor worship (links to Veneration of the dead)

11. Intercessors with God (links to Intercession)

12. Shafa’ah

Conservatism, thermal radiation, & climate change

1. Barry Goldwater

2. Goldwater-Nichols Act

3. Interservice rivalry

4. AH-64D Apache Longbow (links to Boeing AH-64 Apache)

5. Night vision systems (links to Night vision device)

6. Near infrared (links to Infrared)

7. Wien’s displacement law

8. Constant of proportionality (links to Proportionality (mathematics))

9. Gravitational acceleration

10. GRACE (links to Gravity Recovery and Climate Experiment)

11. Sea level rise

12. The view that the global climate has recently warmed (links to Scientific opinion on climate change)

The Jungle, by Upton Sinclair.

Pages, imprisonment, & meat packing

1. Bookstores (links to Bookselling)

2. The Bookseller (short story)

3. James Gould Cozzens

4. Double voicing (links to Heteroglossia)

5. Charles Dickens

6. Debtors’ prison

7. In absentia (links to trial in absentia)

8. Fifth (links to Fifth Amendment to the United States Constitution)

9. United States v. Moreland

10. Joseph McKenna

11. Pure Food and Drug Act of 1906 (links to Pure Food and Drug Act)

12. The Jungle

Mr. Prescott, piracy, & Iran

1. William H. Prescott

2. Hispanist

3. Instituto Cervantes

4. Miguel de Cervantes

5. Barbary pirates

6. Razzias (links to Ghazi (warrior))

7. Bedouin

8. Traditional music (links to Bedouin music)

9. Rebab

10. Hassan Egzaar Chenani

11. Shoosh (links to Sush, Iran)

12. Susa

Libations, oxygenation, & alternative fuels

1. Bar

2. Alcoholic beverages (links to Alcoholic drink)

3. Stupor

4. Ascending reticular activation system (links to Reticular activating system)

5. Sleep-wake transitions (links to Circadian rhythm)

6. Cyanobacteria

7. Great Oxygenation Event

8. Extinction event

9. Background extinction rate

10. Non-anthropogenically (links to Human impact on the environment)

11. Peak oil

12. Algae fuel

Courthouses, Star Wars, & a downtown metonym

1. Courthouse plaza (links to Courthouse)

2. Back to the Future

3. Highest-grossing film of 1985 (links to 1985 in film)

4. Ewoks: The Battle for Endor

5. Marauders (links to List of Star Wars species (P-T))

6. King Terak (links to List of Star Wars characters)

7. Peter Cushing

8. Christopher Lee

9. Hammer Horror (links to Hammer Film Productions)

10. William Hinds

11. F. Hinds

12. High Streets (links to High Street)


Markoff Chaney is an Earth-based whodunit pundit and (Fnord) Discordian Pope. He has lotsa bills and no sense. Contact him at NoisyNoiseIsNoisome@Gmail.Com.

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